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7 End of Night Wedding Exit Ideas

The last moment of the night can be extremely special for your guests but most importantly for you. There’s so many ways to make this send off just perfect. Here are a handful of our favorite ideas to incorporate into the final moments of your Wedding!

Last Dance Parade

The last dance usually acts as the last moments of the wedding before the lights come on. A unique idea is to gather your guests and guests have a parade or dance train out of the venue. Not only is it fun, but it will keep everyone dancing on their way to the after party!

Sky Lanterns

Depending on your venue and what’s allowed, sky lanterns can be a great option and one of those moments everyone remembers. Lighting your lantern together and sending them off into the sky, not only looks spectacular but it signifies a new chapter starting.


Bubbles are a great option if you want something fun like confetti to walk through as you exit the venue but you want less clean up afterwards. Bubbles also can make really fun pictures!


Handheld streamers can also be great options. They also don’t need a lot of clean up but can provide a similar look to confetti. Everyone loves a ribbon wand! (circa 1995!)

Getaway Car/Boat

A more "traditional" close to a Wedding is the send off of the couple. A getaway car or even a boat if the venue allows for it! If you and your fiancé are looking for an easy way to exit at the end of the night with just the two of you - this is the perfect option.

Sparklers or Glow Sticks

Especially at night, sparklers or glow sticks make great memories AND great photos! Make sure you check with your venue to confirm if they are allowed. They can hazardous, so also make sure there are some sober and responsible vendors that can help facilitate! If you can pull it off, the photos really speak for themselves!

Throw Something Unique to You

You really could come up with a never ending list of alternatives to confetti. It all comes down to who you are and the Wedding you are having. For example, if you really love flowers, have your guests throw flower petals. If your theme is the beach, maybe have beach balls! This is a great place to get creative and personalize.

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