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5 Unique Wedding Seating Card Ideas

Seating cards are one of many decor pieces that are necessary for functionality but can be implemented in unique way to showcase your personality. While simple tent cards are always elegant and beautiful, as Wedding Designers, we always like to think if there is an opportunity to step it up a notch and use them to create a special moment. Here are a few of our favorite ideas to get your wheels turning!

Bud Vases

This one of our personal favorites and offers triple the use! In addition to letting your guests know where they will be seated, they can add additional color and vibrance to your guest tables (as guests put them down at their seats) AND act as a favor for guests to take home. Buy them in bulk here!

Wedding Decor

Food and Beverage

A specialty cocktail / champagne or favorite snack is a great to set the tone of what is to come for the rest of the party. It serves as an escort card while serving as something yummy guests can have before their meal comes out!

Personal Favorites

Is there something you and your fiance are absolutely obsessed with? Koozies for beer enthusiasts? Old keys for Harry Potter fans? Sea shells for beach lovers? The possibilities are endless and your guests will love seeing your personalities shine through.

Wedding Seating Cards

Here is an adorable option if you love travel (and beer!)


Nothing is more personal and touching than a photograph. This is a great idea especially if your Wedding is smaller. You can customize each photo for each guest and really show them how much you appreciate their attendance.

Destination Wedding Decor


We have mixed feelings on favors in general, but for things that have purpose and meaning behind them, they can be wonderful. Name cards can be adding to just about anything, so use it as a way to make sure all your guests see the takeaway and double it as a communication method.


Just starting your seating plan? Download our Wedding Seating Chart Guide for tips and on putting together your seating plan and keeping it as painless as possible!


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