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How To Create the Perfect Wedding Vision Board on Pinterest

One of the first things couples do post-engagement is go down a Pinterest rabbit hole collecting ideas for a Wedding vision board to start their planning and bring it all to life. We say rabbit hole because that's exactly how Pinterest works. One pin leads to another, to another, to another. Do not get us wrong. WE LOVE PINTEREST! It is perfect for collecting ideas and finding what colors, textures, designs, locations etc all resonate with you for your Wedding. From the ceremony to tablescapes, favors and thank you notes, you can find ideas for everything! It's also a great tool to collect you ideas to share with your florist, planner and photographer.  In our line of work, we have become very well-versed in Pinterest and love working with clients on putting together their perfect Wedding Vision Board through Pinterest. Here are some ideas for templates on how to keep your thoughts organized and how to avoid getting overwhelmed with Pinterest.

Use the Sections Feature

Pinterest recently added the opportunity to add sections to your Pinterest board. This has been extremely helpful and avoids the need to create 15 different boards for your Wedding. Before you start pinning, we recommend following a template for your vision board and setting up sections:

  • Vibe - Use this section to pin photos of overall atmosphere photos. Room decor, fun photo ops you like, words to describe it, color palettes, themes, etc. 

  • Ceremony - Use this section to pin photos of ceremony decor ideas, setup ideas, vow ideas, traditions etc. 

  • Cocktail Hour - Use this section to pin photos for all the little details that people will discover at cocktail hour! Escort cards, gift table, photos, specialty cocktails etc. 

  • Tablescape - Use this section to pin photos of centerpieces, table layouts, menu cards, table numbers etc that you like!

  • Stationary - Use this section to pin photos of invitations, save the dates, thank you cards, and pieces you'll be sending to your guests. 

  • Personal Ideas - Use this section to pin photos of unique details that reflect you and your fiance. Tradition ideas, special touches, photos you want to have together, etc. 

  • Bridal Party - Use this section to pin photos of bridal party attire. Bridesmaid dresses, suits, shoes, etc - also photo ideas you like of everyone together

TIP: You'll notice we didn't create a flowers section. We recommend you start with pinning flowers specifically for tables, ceremony and personal use and then you can evaluate the shapes and display ideas you like and want to apply. Colors and specific flowers can be applied to almost anything - but narrowing down how you want to use them is key! 

Addie Roberge Photography

Focus on Big Picture

The Wedding Planning process ebbs and flows. So many things can affect what make sense for your Wedding. Venue, vendors, date, location etc all can affect whether that setup you're seeing on Pinterest can come to life. When you're pinning, we encourage you to get excited about the things you see, but keep an open mind and focus on different trends and ideas you like as opposed to specific pictures. The truth is, it's your Wedding and you want to put your interpretation and personal style on an idea, not completely replicate something already done. 

Follow Local Vendors/Publications

Try searching for Pinterest accounts specifically in your area (or where you are going to get married) so you can see local vendors are doing. Why fall in love with a venue on the opposite coast as you if you are not going to have a destination Wedding? 

Share it with your Friends and Family!

Make the board collaborative! Invite your friends and family to also share ideas that they find that may be helpful to you!

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Look Outside Pinterest

You don't need to just find pins through Pinterest. Check out Instagram pages, Wedding Blogs, even vendor websites to find ideas you like! Portfolio pages for photographers, planners and venues are great sources for finding inspiration. When you start the planning process, using Pinterest to host all your ideas for venues and vendors can help you remember what you liked about each of them from their websites.  TIP: Adding the Pinterest Widget to your web browsers makes it really easy to add pins of things you find while browsing the internet. 


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