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Essential Questions You Should Be Asking Your Wedding Videographer

Your Wedding Day is a collection of special moments that deserve to be captured in all their beauty! Selecting the right Wedding videographer is a crucial decision in preserving these memories for years to come. As seasoned Wedding planners, we understand the importance of asking the right questions to ensure your videographer is the perfect fit for your vision. Keep reading for our essential questions to ask your potential Wedding videographer and why these questions are vital in finding the ideal match for your big day!

1. How Long Do You Store the Footage from Our Wedding Day?

The longevity of your Wedding footage matters. You'll want to know that your memories are safely stored and accessible whenever you wish to relive them. Finding a videographer that takes the proper steps to securely deliver and store your Wedding footage is a must!

2. Can We Get the Raw Footage in Addition to the Edited Film?

The unscripted moments captured in raw footage can be just as precious as the edited film. Having access to both allows you to experience the full scope of your day and create custom edits in the future.

3. What Is the Turnaround Time? How Will You Deliver Our Film/Footage?

We know you are going to be excited to see your Wedding footage, so knowing the typical turnaround time can help you set appropriate expectations on when you will receive your Wedding film/footage. During the busy months, it can take up to 3 months for your videographer to deliver the finished product but can be shorter/longer depending on the time of year. You will also want to ask for details on how they will deliver your Wedding film/footage - knowing the delivery method ensures a seamless sharing experience.

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4. What Types of Film Deliverables Do You Offer?

Your Wedding story is unique, and your videographer should offer a range of deliverables to match your preferences. From full-length films to short social media clips, having options allows you to curate your memories to exactly what you need.

5. Can We See Examples of Different Types of Films You Offer?

Viewing examples of your videographer's work helps you envision how they will capture your love story and how that will translate into your Wedding film. Samples of various film types gives you a better insight into their storytelling style and can help you find the right type of film that will work best for your needs.

6. Have You Filmed a Wedding at Our Venue Before?

Experience with your chosen venue can be advantageous. A videographer who's familiar with the location can maximize their creative potential and overcome potential challenges seamlessly.

7. Have You Ever Worked with Our Photographer?

A collaborative relationship between your photographer and videographer can result in cohesive and stunning visuals. Knowing if they've worked together before can ensure a harmonious partnership.

8. How Would You Describe Your Style as a Filmmaker?

Each filmmaker has a unique style that influences their approach to storytelling and will ultimately affect the type of Wedding film you receive. Understanding their style helps ensure their vision aligns with your desired Wedding narrative.

9. What Does the Editing Process Look Like, and Can We Make Changes to Our Wedding Video?

The editing process transforms raw footage into a captivating story. Learning about their editing process and potential involvement allows you to shape the final product. If you have very specific visions for your Wedding film, finding a Wedding videographer who allows you to be a part of the editing process will help to ensure you get exactly what you hoped for!

10. Can We Choose the Music for Our Wedding Video?

Music sets the emotional tone of your Wedding video. Having input into the soundtrack ensures that your video captures the emotions you felt on your special day.

11. Do You Use Drone Footage?

Drone footage can add a breathtaking perspective to your Wedding film. Understanding whether your videographer uses this technology can enhance the visual experience and get some truly unique footage of your Wedding Day! Videographers must be trained and have special permitting to shoot drone footage, so if this is a must have for you, make sure your videographer have experience using drones!


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