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10 Questions You Should Be Asking Your Wedding Venue

Choosing the perfect Wedding venue for you and your partner is one of the most essential (and usually one of the first) steps in your Wedding planning journey. The venue sets the stage for your special day, and finding the right fit is paramount to creating the wedding of your dreams. Your Wedding venue will affect every aspect of your day – everything from budget and guest count to design and timeline will depend on the venue, so it can be hard to know where to begin! We know that asking the right questions can help you make an informed decision and to help ensure you find your ideal venue, here are ten crucial questions you should ask ahead of securing them for your Wedding.

Wedding Venues
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1. What are the hours that we can access the space?

Understanding the venue's accessibility is crucial for planning your wedding timeline. Inquire about the hours you can access the space for setup, vendor deliveries, getting ready, Ceremony, Cocktail Hour, Reception, After Party and cleanup. This will help you plan your wedding day logistics effectively and ensures the time they allow you in the space works with your Wedding vision.

2. Can we bring in our own vendors?

If you have specific vendors in mind, such as photographers, florists, or musicians, make sure the venue allows outside vendors. Some venues have exclusive contracts with certain vendors or offer in-house services, which may impact your choices, so make sure you know what your options are!

3. How many weddings or events do you host per day/weekend?

Knowing the venue's event schedule will give you an idea of how much attention and care they can devote to your wedding. You want to ensure that your special day receives the focus it deserves.

4. Are tables, chairs, linens, plates, silverware, and glassware provided, or will I have to rent them myself or get them through my caterer?

Understanding what the venue provides and what you need to rent or source separately is essential for budgeting and planning. Some venues offer complete packages, while others may require you to arrange these essentials through your caterer, rental company or another vendor.

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5. How often will we be in touch leading up to the wedding?

Communication is key during the wedding planning process. Clarify how often you'll be in touch with the venue coordinator and whether they will be available for questions and updates throughout the planning journey.

6. What time can my vendors start setting up on the day of the wedding?

Coordinate with your vendors effectively by knowing when they can access the venue for setup. Early access ensures that everything is in place before your guests arrive and no one is feeling rushed!

7. Do you have liability insurance?

It's essential to choose a venue with liability insurance to protect you and your guests in case of any unforeseen incidents.

8. Are there any decor restrictions? Are candles permitted?

Ask about any décor guidelines or restrictions the venue may have. This includes whether open flames, such as candles, are allowed, or if there are limitations on things like hanging decorations, glitter, confetti, sparklers, etc.

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9. Will your staff be involved in setting up and breaking down the decor? In what capacity?

Understanding the venue's involvement in setup and breakdown can impact your plans and the need for additional event staff or coordination. Make sure you understand the role the venue staff will play in the setup and breakdown of the Wedding – you may need to bring in additional help or ask friends and family members to lend a hand if the venue does not include setup/breakdown in their package!

10. Can we make changes to the contract after signing?

Flexibility is essential in the wedding planning process. Inquire about the possibility of making changes to the contract, should the need arise, and whether there are any associated fees.

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