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10 Questions You Should Be Asking Your Wedding DJ

The entertainment you choose for your Wedding Reception will set the vibe for the whole evening, so it is important to hire a Wedding DJ who understands the tone you want for your Wedding. A skilled DJ can set the perfect ambiance, keep the dance floor packed, and create unforgettable moments throughout the evening. To help you choose which DJ will be the best fit for you, here are ten questions you should be asking your wedding DJs before hiring them for your big day!

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1. What's your mixing/DJ style?

Every DJ is different and understanding the DJ's mixing style is essential to ensure it aligns with your vision for the wedding. Some DJs prefer seamless transitions between songs, while others incorporate scratching and beat-matching techniques. Discuss your preferences and musical expectations to see if their style matches your taste.

2. How do you read a crowd and keep them on the dance floor?

A talented DJ knows how to gauge the energy of the crowd and adjust the music accordingly. They should be able to seamlessly transition between genres and songs to keep guests engaged and on the dance floor. Ask about their experience and strategies for reading the crowd to ensure an energetic atmosphere.

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3. Will you emcee/make announcements? What is your emcee style?

If you need someone to make announcements and facilitate the flow of events, inquire whether the DJ offers emcee services. Discuss their emcee style to ensure it aligns with your vision. Whether you prefer a charismatic and interactive emcee or a more low-key approach, make sure the DJ can fulfill your emcee requirements.

4. How do you create your music playlist for weddings?

A wedding DJ should be skilled at curating playlists that cater to diverse tastes and create a vibrant atmosphere. Inquire about their process for creating wedding playlists and whether they consider your music preferences. A DJ who takes the time to understand your vision and incorporate your favorite songs into the playlist will make your reception truly special.

5. How do you handle song requests from guests?

Guest song requests can add a personalized touch to the wedding reception, but they may not always fit into the vibe you wanted for the evening. Ask the DJ about their policy regarding guest requests. A good DJ should be open to requests (if you want them to be) that fit within the overall musical theme while tactfully handling any inappropriate or off-theme requests.

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6. What does your setup look like? What do you typically wear to a wedding?

Ensure that the DJ's setup aligns with your aesthetic vision for the wedding. Discuss the equipment they use, including sound systems, speakers, and microphones, to ensure they can deliver high-quality audio. Additionally, inquire about their attire to ensure they will dress appropriately for your wedding style.

7. Do you provide any dance floor lighting?

Lighting can greatly enhance the mood and energy on the dance floor. Inquire whether the DJ provides dance floor lighting or works in collaboration with a lighting specialist. Discuss lighting options and effects to create a captivating atmosphere that complements your wedding theme.

8. Can we submit a "Do Not Play" list?

If there are songs or genres you prefer not to be played at your wedding, it's crucial to communicate this to the DJ. Inquire whether they allow the submission of a "Do Not Play" list to ensure that no unwanted songs are played during your reception.

9. How extensive is your music library? What genres can you play?

A diverse music library is essential to accommodate various tastes and preferences. Ask the DJ about the size of their music collection and the range of genres they can cover. A DJ with a wide repertoire will be better equipped to cater to different age groups and ensure a memorable experience for all guests.

10. Do you have a pre-selected list of songs you will play, or will you mix live for our wedding?

Discuss the DJ's approach to mixing music during your wedding. Some DJs have pre-selected playlists, while others prefer to mix live, adapting to the crowd's energy and preferences. Both approaches have their merits, so choose the one that aligns with your preferences and desired level of spontaneity.

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