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Our Favorite Parent Dance Songs

Weddings are full of special moments, but dancing with your parents or a close family member is one of the sweetest (and biggest tearjerker) parts of the reception. From experience, we can tell you that there is hardly ever a dry eye in the house when it comes to Parent Dances – sharing that moment with your parents or loved ones is so special and is certainly a part of your Wedding Day you will never forget. Choosing the perfect song to encapsulate such a special relationship can be tough – so to help you out we have put together a Spotify Playlist with some of our Favorite Parent Dance Songs!

Wedding Parent Dance Songs
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Follow the link below to listen to the Spotify Playlist and for Staff Favorites...keep scrolling!

Kelly's Favorite

Stand By Me, Florence and the Machine

“It’s a beautiful, modern version of this song that can be versatile for any parent/child relationship.”

Ashley's Favorite

My Beloved Monster by Eels

“I had a Bride choose to dance with her father to this song and I thought it was super cute and unique. Still a favorite of mine to this day!”

Anna's Favorite

Over the Rainbow by IZ

“Brings back special memories that I know would be meaningful to family. Any song that does that would be perfect for this dance.”

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