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10 Questions You Should Ask Your Wedding Photographer

After your Wedding day is over, one of the ways to be reminded of all the special moments from your day is through your Wedding photos. Making sure they are what you envisioned is important and that comes down to research and asking the right questions during the interview process! This can be really helpful and ensures your photographer is on the same page with you in regards to style and what photos you want included. Sometimes it can be hard to know what to ask to ensure the photographer is a perfect match for you, so we’ve put together 10 questions to ask your Wedding photographer!

Wedding Photography Details

How Would You Describe Your Editing Style?

It's important to know how your photographer edits their photos because that might not be the style for you. Your Wedding may be focused on delicate flowers and light colors and choosing a photographer who specializes in dark and moody shots could have a hard time capturing your style. Your Wedding should reflect you in every possible way, including the angle, amount of edits, and style of your Wedding photos! This also gives you an idea of what this photographer specializes in. A photographer may be able to do many different kinds of styles and edits but they may have one particular style they are best at.

What's Your Approach to Organizing Wedding Party Portraits? How Do You Keep Everyone Organized?

The way your photographer directs you throughout the day and plans for different kinds of photos is important. It gives you an idea of their personality and what you should expect on the day of your Wedding.

What’s You're Turnaround Time? Do You Send a Sneak Peek?

It's nice to know when you will be receiving your photos and how so you don't spend days and days after wondering when they will be sent. This also entails you don't check-in with your photographer too soon. You should also ask if they will send you a handful sneak peek shots to have shortly after your Wedding. With your Wedding just coming to a close, seeing some of the photos can keep the day going!

How Many Photos Do You Generally Capture On a Wedding Day?

It's important to be on the same page with the amount of photos you will end up receiving from the day. This gives you a rough idea of what to expect and if there are any additional fees for more photos.

Do You Work With an Assistant?

Some photographers always work with an assistant but others bring them in depending on the event. It's important to ask because usually an additional fee is added and it also gives you a better picture of what your day will look like.

What’s in Your Day-Of Bag?

This question is fun but it also lets you get to know the photographer better and how prepared they are. They should have back up equipment incase anything comes up!

What Happens if You are Not Able to Show up to Our Wedding (Sick, Family Emergency, etc.)?

It's important to ask this because things come up we can't control and your photographer should have a quick and seamless plan if something does happen. It gives you peace of mind to know that your photographer wants this day to work out for you and is thinking about ways to ensure its a great day. Asking this also gives you an idea how the photographer reacts to stress and how professional they are.

Do We Get the Rights to Our Images?

Usually photographers have the copyright to your images but have certain terms in the contract that allow you to publish the images. Make sure you ask about this so no issues come up with what you do with the images after. You can also look back in the contract for reference but before signing make sure the terms work for you.

My Partner and I are Camera Shy - What Do You Do to Make us Feel More Comfortable in Front of the Camera?

If you are uncomfortable in front of a camera, choosing the perfect photographer can make all the difference. You should feel comfortable and if the photographer is able to make you feel yourself and has different methods to make you feel confident in front of a camera that's a good sign!

Can You Share an Example of a Full Wedding Gallery with us?

A full gallery of work allows you to actually see their in the field work and gives you a clearer idea of what your photos would look like. A photographer can explain about their style and experience but you won't fully know if they are the right fit without seeing examples. Asking questions about a specific Wedding gallery can also be helpful. For example, if their is a photo you really like or is different from the rest, asking what they did differently there and that you like that photo can help the photographer get to know your style better.

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