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10 Essential Questions to Ask Your Wedding Band

So you and your partner have decided you want a live band for your Wedding – amazing! But how do you find the band that is the perfect fit for you and your partner? Asking the right questions is key! Your Wedding band will set the tone and atmosphere for the Reception and choosing the right one is a big decision. The right band can elevate your Reception to a whole new level and help to make sure that they match the vibe and energy you are looking for. Keep reading for our top 10 questions to ask your band before hiring them to make sure they will be the perfect match for your Wedding!

1. How Many Musicians and Vocalists are in the Band? Do You Ever Substitute Musicians or Vocalists?

Understanding the band's size and whether they use substitutes is important, especially if you fell in love with a specific group of performers. A consistent lineup ensures the chemistry and cohesion of the performers on your Wedding Day. You want the same talent you fell in love with to be there on your special day!

Wedding band
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2. Are You Able to Learn Custom Songs?

If you have a special song that isn't in the band's repertoire, it's important to know if they're open to learning and performing it, especially if that specific song being played is super important to you! It can also be a fun personal touch to have a custom song created for your Wedding Day, so definitley make sure to ask if this is something the band can do if you are interested in something more custom for you and your partner.

3. What's Your Performance Schedule Like?

Knowing how many breaks the band takes during their performance can help you plan the overall flow of your wedding and make sure the band is present for all the most important moments of the Reception. You want a band that keeps the energy going and knows how to transition smoothly between sets and breaks!

4. Will You Emcee/Make Announcements?

Clear and engaging announcements are crucial for guiding your guests through the different parts of your wedding. Having the band emcee can help maintain a seamless and organized event, so make sure this is something they can support you with.

5. Do You Require a Stage?

Some bands require a specific stage or setup for optimal sound and performance – so make sure you ask! Knowing their requirements in advance can help you plan your venue setup accordingly and make sure the band will have everything they need to make your Wedding Reception unforgettable!

6. Do You Provide Any Dance Floor Lighting?

Lighting sets the mood and can significantly enhance the visual aspect of your dance floor. Inquiring about lighting options can ensure that your dance floor is not only energetic but also visually captivating and drawing your guests to the dance floor.

Wedding band
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7. Can We Listen to You Perform Live?

Listening to the band perform live gives you a genuine sense of their sound, energy, and stage presence. This is a valuable opportunity to gauge if their style aligns with your vision for the wedding, so find out if they have any local gigs coming up that you can go to!

8. What Do You Typically Wear for a Wedding Performance?

The band's attire should complement the overall theme and formality of your wedding. Discussing their dress code ahead of time ensures they blend seamlessly with your chosen aesthetic.

Wedding band
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9. How Do You Handle Song Requests from Guests?

Guest requests can add a fun and interactive element to your reception, but don’t always fit into the vibe you are trying to create for the Reception. Knowing how the band handles these requests ensures a balance between your playlist and the spontaneous choices of your guests.

10. How Do You Get and Keep Guests Out on the Dance Floor?

A packed dance floor is a sign of a successful wedding band. Inquire about their strategies for engaging the crowd and keeping them dancing throughout the night.

Dance floor
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