6 Favorite Wedding Guest Book Alternatives

Your Wedding Day is that ONE day where all your loved ones come together to celebrate your next adventure. There's few times in your life that all your special people are in one room, at the same time. When thinking of how you can capture everyone's presence in one place, photos and videos are obviously step 1, but step 2 is including a guest book that can capture everyone's well wishes and messages to you. While the intention of a traditional guest book is wonderful, they are often left on a bookshelf to collect dust once the reception is over. We love helping our clients find more personalized and creative alternatives to a "guest book" that can still capture all the love from your guests in a method you can display or read through in a more fun and convenient way.


As a couple, choose your favorite song or album on a vinyl record and set up a basket full of pens so guests can sign their names directly on the record. The song could be from your first date, the song you danced with each other to for the first time, or maybe even your official "first dance" from your Wedding Day. One of our couples even optioned to have something custom created and named after them. If music has a special place in your heart, this is a great option!