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6 Ways How to Upgrade your Wedding Menu with Food Stations

Creating the menu for your Wedding day can be an overwhelming process. The food at a Wedding can certainly make or break it the guest experience, but one thing we have learned in the Wedding biz…guests love options! Rather than going the traditional plated meal route, work with your caterer to opt for interactive food stations for your big day. We love stations for so many reasons. Not only are the options endless and so fun to come up with, but it is a great way to get your guests up and entertained throughout the night through your menu. Consider it a "choose your own adventure!" Interactive food stations are a great way to make your Wedding stand out and keep your guests raving about your Wedding for months to come! Here are some of our favorite menu ideas through food stations on trend right now:

Go Local

Choose a fun dish, local to the destination of your Wedding or to where you are from! This is a great way to take a foundational piece of your Wedding puzzle and making it fun and personal. It also is a great way to give guests a taste of the local flavor if they are coming in from out of town for your Wedding.

Example: Being based in New England, Clam Chowder is a favorite of any time of year! Mini New England Clam Chowder Bowls are a popular (and filling) station option.

Example: Being based in New England, Clam Chowder is a favorite of any time of year! Mini New England Clam Chowder Bowls are a popular (and filling) station option.

Mini Food and Drink Pairings

​This trend is not going anywhere any time soon and the ideas for menu combinations are endless. Take your food to the next level by offering it with a fun drink pairing! This will be a hit with your guests and leads to so many fun photo ops. Any of combinations can be served as a passed item or as a food station.

Food Trucks

Food trucks at Weddings has become a huge trend in the industry! It’s a great budget friendly way to feed your guests and the options are endless to create a fun Wedding menu. You can have food trucks cater your entire wedding or opt for them to serve as one piece of the menu. For example, bring in a dessert truck as a late-night surprise for your guests. Not to mention the food truck photos are so sweet! Roxanne and Zach below used some great local food trucks at their Wedding to put together their menu. 

Cookie Monstah Food Truck | Once Like a Spark Photography

Build Your Own Drink

Interactive stations are not perfect upgrades only for your food menu, but drinks too! Let your guests customize a beverage to their liking by offering a unique drink station. From build your own margaritas, bloody mary stations and even alcohol infused sno cones, these all offer another great form of entertainment and an activity for your guests through your menu.

One of our personal favorites is the Beer and Bubbles Truck located here in New England! Not only is it adorable, they pop-up all kinds of DIY drinks stations like

​"Pimp Your Prosecco!"

Take It To Go

​For a sweet end of the night treat for your guests - offer a Take it To Go station with sweets and treats the guests can pack up to enjoy later. These can also serve as your wedding favors and can help keep your guests dreaming about the menu even as they walk out the door. We love edible wedding favors and we think your guests will too!

When In Doubt - Go With Your Favorites

One of our favorite stations to incorporate lately has been a Bride and Groom favorite snacks station. This is something that can be kept open from cocktail hour through goodbyes and allows a place for guests to always grab something to eat while learning something about the Bride and Groom. It's also one of our favorites because it doesn't have to make sense. The food doesn't need to pair together because it's supposed to be random - it's all your favorite things!


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