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Tips + Tricks: 5 Ways to Customize Signature Drinks

With any celebration, a signature drink is a great way to add a personal touch reflecting the personality of the guest(s) of honor or even a play on the theme. It's a fun way to celebrate at any Wedding, Bridal Shower, Birthday, Anniversary party are more. Anyone can do it! You don't need to be a mixologist to come up with something fun and you can simply take your favorite cocktail and put your own spin on it - for example, name the signature drink after yourself! If something doesn't come immediately to mind, here are tips to help you coming up something something special!

Use local drinks from one of your favorite places to travel

For couples with a case of wanderlust, you can make your signature drinks unique and memorable by using a drinks from some of your favorite places that you  have traveled! This is a great way to also introduce your guests to some delicious beverages they may have never been able to try before. Some of our favorites are a refreshing Caipirinha from Brazil or some yummy Red Sangria from Spain!

Use unique glassware for your cocktails

​Rather than using typical glassware for your signature drinks, try mixing things up with some unique glassware! For a more vintage feel try using mismatched antique glassware from local antique shops to give each of your guests a more unique experience. Even better, let them keep the glass at the end of your event to help them remember the fun! 

Served Straight From Our Events:

We used these awesome disco ball glasses for a disco themed Valentine's Day party in 2019.

We used these tin canisters held "Military Mules" in a war themed Museum in 2019.

Name your drinks after your furry best friend

​Once you have decided on your signature drink the next step is to give it a fun and unique name. If your pet can’t be there with you on your big day, naming your signature drink after them is a fun and special way to have them be a part of your celebration (and you can use their picture to personalize your bar signage!).

Brew Your Own

​For couples who love to brew their own beer, making a special brew for your big day is a

great way to show off your personality and your brewing skills! Your guests will love getting to try your home brew and will definitely make it a night to remember!

Custom Drink Accessories

​Another one of our favorite ways to make your signature drinks stand out is with custom beverage accessories - like a koozie! You can give them to guests to help keep their drinks cold, especially during those hot summer wedding nights! We also love custom koozies because they are a great take away for your guests at the end of the evening. 


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