5 Tips for Planning a Wedding in less than 6 Months

Just because someone is getting married quickly, doesn't mean it's a shotgun Wedding! We are seeing these more and more for all kinds of reason, but mostly - because a couple is just so excited to start their lives together :)

Planning a Wedding with a quick turnaround can be overwhelming in some ways but also can help take a lot of the stress out of the process. Months of months of second guess and middle of the night dreams magically becomes quick decisions and excitement! We have worked with many clients putting together Weddings in this short timeline - so here is some of the insight we share with them before starting the process:


Most Weddings are planned over 1+ years. Because of this cycle, many venues and vendors book up many months/years in advance. Understand that you may need to be flexible with where your Wedding can take place and Who can be there to help make it great. This does not mean that you have to sacrifice quality! You may just need to do a bit more outreach.


Obviously getting married is important to you, so you have your first priority down! Now think about what pieces you want to make sure are wonderful. Food, Music and Look + Feel are prime examples of this. Whatever these pieces are for you, book those vendor first as they will eat up your budget and dictate the rest of your Wedding plans.