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Services Spotlight: Full Service Event Planning

At Kelly Elizabeth Events, we are proud to offer full service event planning.  We specialize in making you look good, while we take care of all the details.  If you can imagine an event, we can plan it, coordinate it, and put all the pieces together to make it happen.

What Full Service Planning Means

Full service event planning is all encompassing, and it can mean different things depending on your needs and the nature of the event.   We can take an event through the planning and design phase, to finding the perfect venue and vendors, to day of coordination services.  It also means that we understand your budget.  No matter what your budget is, we bring you the best value and top notch service that you and your event deserves.

True full service planning starts with an idea.  It can be a nugget of an idea from a client, or it can be a very specific vision.  Either way, our job is to work  closely with our clients to bring their event to life.

Understanding our client's vision for the event is the most important step.  We take our time to listen to our clients, and apply our intuitive understanding and experience in event design to bring them exactly what they want.  Only by fully understanding our client's needs, are we able to deliver top notch planning. 

The planning phase is where we put together the full scope of the event.  It's important for us to understand the purpose of the event.  A corporate event for industry speakers is different than a networking event.  What is the design/aesthetic of it?  What services will be needed?  Do we need to coordinate a caterer, or AV equipment operation for presenters, or perhaps a florist?

We have an intimate understanding of local venues.  We can help you choose the perfect place to host the event, or host it at your own house or company.

We also know the best local vendors in Boston.  We are constantly working with new vendors, but we know where to go for every specific need.  Be it the best seating, the best florists, or the best pastry catering, a big advantage of working with a full service planner is that we know just where to go for your needs and budget.

Taking in the full event design and program, we are able to put together a comprehensive overview of the event.  We will coordinate all the seating, food, venue, equipment, and decor.   If any additional labor is required such as servers, models, speakers, bands or DJ, we have a proven track record of getting exactly what your event needs.  We will work to keep all the vendors and other pieces of your event in line and ready to go, up until the day of.

On the day of the event, we are there to help set up and coordinate.  We make sure everything goes exactly to plan, and eliminate any stress or anxiety you may have as a client.  You can rest easy knowing that you are in good hands.  Adaptability is an essential trait for any day of event coordinator, and we are constantly problem solving on the fly to make sure everything goes off without even a minor hitch.  We don't stop until everything is perfect.

Advantages of a Full Service Event and Party Planner

The biggest benefit of a full service package is that everything is taken care of for our clients.  No matter how complex your event is and how many different types of staff members might be needed, our event planners can handle every aspect.  Some of the important advantages for our clients can be:

  • Local venue knowledge.  We know the best local venues for the best value.  Our relationships with so many venues gives our clients access to a large variety of settings.

  • Local vendor knowledge.  When it comes to vendors, there are a lot of choices.   You can't always count on everyone., but we know who to go to  for top notch service.  Our preferred vendor network gets our clients the best service in Boston, and we can help negotiate it for the best value.

  • Professional Decor and Logistics.  Event logistics have a lot of details.  This is what causes people the most stress when they try to plan their own events.   The decor at a wedding is very different than a birthday party, but no matter what type of event your planning we make sure that its beautiful.   Similarly, the flow of the event is important.  We make sure the whole event is seamless from your guests perspectives.

  • Bringing lots of parties together.  Many events call on a variety of parties all being on the same page.  From the venue to the vendors to any hired help such as servers,  we make sure everyone knows exactly what is required from them so you don't need to do anything.  As a full service planner, we want to make everything as easy for our clients as we can.  We can worry about the coordination so you don't need to.

  • Setup and cleanup is taken care of.  The setup and cleanup portion of any event can take hours.  If you hire a full service planner, you don't need to lift a finger (unless you want to).  We can take care of everything so you can focus your attention to other places.

  • Less stress.  The biggest advantage of our full service planning is that you don't need to worry.   As professional planners, our experience in executing events of all types can give you peace of mind.

Contact our Event Planners Today!

If you can benefit from full service event planning, we can help.  Contact us today for more information about how we can help you bring any event to life!


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