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First 3 Steps Planning your Wedding

You're engaged! Congratulations! Now what?

Whether you are one of those people who has been planning your wedding since you were a child or you never thought about it until all of the sudden you're engaged, these 3 tips can help get you on the right path to take the first steps to plan your special day before you even look at a venue.

Get on the same page. 

Each couple has a different dynamic and we see couples of all varieties. Sometimes it's a partnership and they work together to plan the day. Sometimes the bride takes the lead and just tells the groom where to show up, sometimes vice versa! No matter what, talk it through with your partner. What are their expectations for the process and what's important to them? It's also a great communication exercise to prepare you for that adventure of marriage that comes after the wedding :) Here are some question to help get you started:

  • What three elements of the day are most important to YOU? When you look back on the day, what do you want to remember most? (Maybe photos, or music, or food?)

  • What three words do you want YOUR GUESTS to use to describe your wedding at the end of the night? 


The topic no one wants to talk about is really one of the most important pieces. You can't start looking a venues until you decide how much you have or are willing to spend on your wedding. Not only how much is an important decision, but where is the money coming from? Is family contributing? Are you doing it on your own? This will help give you some perspective on what your options are.  **Tip, if you aren't sure how much you want to spend, I like to compare it to the "$" symbols that OpenTable uses to describe restaurants. How do you want people to rate your wedding as if it was an OpenTable listing?  $ - $100 - $300 / person $$ - $300 - $600 / person $$$ - $600 - 900 / person $$$$ - $900+ / person ***the per person cost encompasses your whole budget divided by how many people - not just f&b

Think About Who You Want There

This is a key piece. Thinking about who you want there can be a big driver in location. If you're thinking about a destination wedding, but would never get married without your grandma who is too old to fly, this may put that into perspective. Guest count also will help frame your venue search, budget, and overall vibe of your wedding. A 50 person wedding is very different than a 200 person wedding, and where you think you'll fall is important.

Have more questions? Contact us! We can help. 

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