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A Glossary of Wedding Keywords to Make You Look Like a Pro

While we are Wedding Planners, we are also champions for the DIY couples who are trying to navigate the planning process on their own. Our motto is, “you are not supposed to know how to plan a Wedding.” Wedding Planning is a process we are all thrown into head first with zero preparation.

This is why we love to chalk our blog full of Wedding Planning Tips and Tricks for our clients and all the other couples out there. We’ve spent a lot of time on various aspects of the planning process, but consider this a 101 in the unique Wedding terms you likely have never heard of yet are supposed to know. Familiarize yourself with these terms and you’ll look like a pro!

Unique Wedding Terms

Attrition: The difference between the actual number of hotel rooms booked and the number agreed to in the terms of the hotel’s contract that may require an additional cost. Banquet Event Order (BEO): A document typically created by a caterer or venue that outlines the setup, timing and instructions for the details of your event. It serves as a guideline for them to execute and communicate logistics to all necessary team members and an order for you to review and approve ahead of your Wedding. Boutonniere: Small florals worn by male members of the wedding party on their lapel.   Bustle: A Wedding Dress feature that allows part of the skirt or train to be hemmed mid-reception for movement and dancing.   Escort Cards: Card with each guest’s name that identifies their table number. First Look: A private moment between the bride and groom where they see each other for the first time on their Wedding Day. This takes place before the ceremony with the photographer. Gobo: A pre-cut, etched pattern made of metal or glass that fits on a piece of lighting to project a shape, monogram, logo, pattern etc. Guarantee: Number of guests provided to the venue/caterer within their requested time frame that you are committed to paying for that cannot be decreased (and sometimes increased). Officiant: The person who leads/performs the wedding ceremony.  Place Card: Card with a guests name placed at a specific seat designating where they should sit. Postlude: The music played as guests exit the ceremony.  Prelude: The music played as guests arrive to the ceremony.  Procession/Processional: Official entry of the bridal party including seating of grandparents, parents, bridal party and couple. Recession/Recessional: Official exit of bridal party including couple, bridal party, parents and grandparents. Shot List: A “checklist” for your wedding photo requirements, allowing your photographer to ensure all of your must-have shots are captured. For example, photos with different family members, table details, bridal accessories. Sweetheart Table: A dedicated table at the Reception for only the Couple to sit and eat their dinner. Welcome Toast: An introductory/thank you toast, usually performed at the beginning of the Receipt by a parent of the couple. 

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