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What are Wedding Must-Haves?

There is no one size fits all approach to Weddings. Each couple's priorities, styles, and of course guests are different. That being said, there are some must-haves we believe are top priority to take into account when planning your Wedding to ensure A) you actually get married! and B) it's the best day of your life. Here are some must-haves to include in your day!


It might seem obvious, but a marriage license is very important to have and keep safe during your celebrations. Each state varies in what you need to do to make it all official, but make sure you have a plan for getting this document where it needs to be. Afterall, it is what you are there for!


No matter what type of Wedding you are planning - that last thing you want is for it to feel disorganized. That goes for you AND your guests! It’s important to think about who will be in charge of coordinating all your vendors, setting up décor elements and ensuring the timeline runs smoothly. Even if you are planning the Wedding yourself, you do not want to be the one on-site who vendors are calling with questions. Hiring a Coordinator who can be your point person will be the best decision you ever made for you and all your guests.


During your Wedding, you can get pulled in a million different directions taking pictures and saying hello to all of your guests. We always ensure to allocate some one-on-one time for our couples to soak in the moment. Whether that's a few moments together after the Ceremony or keeping a sweetheart table as a safe zone for them to retreat to, it's something that definitely needs to be thought of before the day comes.

Photography by Mark Davidson Photography


Rule #1 - stay hydrated! This will not be a normal eating or drinking day for you. When you add a unique schedule with nerves and adrenaline, water and eating can often be forgotten. We have plenty of anecdotes we could share (for the book someday) about what happens when couples + key bridal party members don't do this. Celebratory champagne does not mix well with empty stomachs and dehydration. Pack some snacks or order lunch ahead of time to make sure you have a plan.


Anywhere you go it's nice to be prepared. Same goes for your Wedding day! What you include in your emergency kit is dependent on where your Wedding is and what you're wearing, but some essential examples are extra hair and beauty items (bobby pins, hair elastics, hairspray), personal care items (deodorant and tampons), fix-it items, such as scissors, tape and safety pins, technology items, such as a chargers, and first aid items, such as band aids and Tylenol. You may not need to use any of these items but being prepared reduces stress and can help remedy any small issues that come up!


Last, but definitely not least, make sure your Wedding captures who you are in every aspect, from design to the timeline of events. This is your day and involving your personality makes it so much more meaningful. Celebrate yourselves, let loose, and have fun!

Photography by Ali Rosa Weddings

Virtual Wedding Planner


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