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Wedding Registry Guide + FAQs

Putting together a Wedding Registry can be one of the most fun steps in the Wedding planning process for you and your partner to work on together. Some couples may be wary of creating one, but it is is super helpful in making gift buying easier for your guests and will focus them in on things you really need (and want)! Wedding Registries have evolved over the years, and there are plenty of options for them to include more than just material goods for your home. Sites like offer the ability to create anything from Honeymoon Funds or donation requests to a charitable cause in lieu of gifts, whatever makes the most sense for you and your partner!

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We have answered the top 5 Wedding Registry questions we get asked as Wedding Planners, as well as put together a Wedding Registry Guide to help you get started on your Wedding Registry. This guide has it all – from cookware and linens to honeymoon adventures and funds for home improvement projects. Our guide is designed to ensure you and your partner put together a Wedding Registry that works best for you.

Keep reading for our answers to our most commonly asked Wedding Registry questions – and CLICK HERE to download our Wedding Registry Guide!

Do I need a Wedding Registry?

The short answer – probably! Having a Wedding Registry can help make sure you and your partner are receiving gifts that you actually need and want. Even if you don’t expect gifts from your guests, almost always at least a few friends and family members will want to purchase you a gift to celebrate your marriage and it makes it much easier for them when they have a list to guide them! We know it can feel a little uncomfortable making a wish list of things you want, but for family and friends who love and support you and want to celebrate with a gift, it can make their lives much easier and will make them happy knowing they gifted you something you will love.

Is it ok to ask for cash instead of gifts?

Some people may feel differently about this – but it is a yes in our book! Some couples may already have all the home basics and necessities that would usually be found on a Wedding Registry – so if it makes more sense for you and your partner to ask for money towards a down payment on your first home or money to put toward an unforgettable experience on your honeymoon, that is totally ok!

We think that just like your Wedding, your Wedding Registry should be a reflection of you and your partner. If you are the kind of people that value experiences over material goods, then asking for friends and family to contribute towards something like a helicopter tour while on your honeymoon makes much more sense, than having folks waste their dollars on material things that you don’t need and wont use. Some folks may still choose to purchase you a physical gift as opposed to contributing money, and that is ok too!

How do I tell my guests about my Wedding Registry?

The easiest option – link it to your Wedding Website!

There are some great Wedding Website platforms out there that also allow you to create a one stop Wedding Registry – meaning it allows you to add items from different stores all to one simple Wedding Registry. They also allow you to create cash funds for things like your honeymoon or a honeymoon excursions, home improvement projects or date night activities for you and your partner. This is a great way for multiple people to each contribute an amount they are comfortable with and help you reach that goal.

If you have a Wedding Website that doesn’t support this type of all-in-one Wedding Registry, you can simply have a page on your Wedding Website with links to each Wedding Registry you have. It is common for folks to have a few different Wedding Registries depending on what they are including. In addition to one stop Wedding Registries where you can add cash funds, many people also like to register at specific retail stores depending on what they want to add to their Wedding Registry.

Should I be concerned with the price of items on my Wedding Registry?

You will definitely want to make sure there is a good variety of items in different price ranges on your Wedding Registry. Each of your guests will have a different budget and will likely spend varying amounts on a gift for you depending on your relationship with them. Guests who want to spend a little more will sometimes bundle less expensive items together to reach a certain dollar amount, but you can always also include a few bigger ticket items that guests can individually contribute to as a group gift item, or someone can purchase if they are looking to gift you something particularly generous. We recommend having a good mix of items mainly $25 and under, $50 and under, between $50-$100 and then a few larger ticket or group contribution items $200-$500 and up.

How much is too much and can I keep adding to my Wedding Registry?

People always ask us “How many items should I be adding to my Wedding Registry?”. The general rule of thumb is to have 2-3 gifts per guest invited to the Wedding on the Wedding Registry (so if you are expecting 100 guests, we recommend at least 200-300 registry items). While this may seem like a lot, you want you guests to have plenty of options to choose from and some people will bundle together lower priced items into one gift, so its always better to have more. Folks may also want to purchase you multiple gifts (an Engagement gift, Wedding Shower gift, etc.) in addition to their Wedding Gift, so the more you have on there for them to choose from the better.

Even after you have made your Wedding Registry public and shared it with your guests, it is totally okay to continue to add to it! Throughout the Wedding planning process you may continue to think of other things to add to your Wedding Registry and that’s perfectly fine! Like we said, the more options the better!

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