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Venue Spotlight: Lynch Park Rose Garden

Set just 35 minutes north of Boston is Lynch Park. The expansive park lies in the middle of a residential neighborhood which makes it hard to stumble upon unless you are directed. In addition to multiple picnic tables, walking paths and a small beach, you'll find a gorgeous rose garden, enclosed by a beautiful brick wall and looking out to ocean views. Even though the park is very busy especially during peak season, the rose garden can be reserved for private events. 

Location: Beverly, MA

Associated Costs: Permit, Chair Rentals (if needed)

Transportation: Parking Lot (Parking can be arranged for free for your guests)

Bonus Selling Points: 

-  Steps from the waterfront!

-  Photos, photos, photos. In addition to taking advantage of the beautifully landscaped floral garden, literally steps away you can have a waterfront shoot. Best of both worlds!

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