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Venue Spotlight: Larz Anderson Park

Larz Anderson Park is a gorgeous option for anyone looking for a peaceful outdoor Wedding ceremony. Whether you are looking for a small elopement, modern Wedding, rustic Wedding, or garden Wedding, you can customize your Ceremony within one of the many options inside the park. The location options within the park are endless and you can't pick a bad spot for a backdrop. Filled with acres and acres of lush greenery and florals, there are also multiple birds and ponds offering beautiful Ceremony views. 

It's definitely a little bit more of a DIY Wedding Venue, as chairs, power, arches and other Ceremony decor will need to brought in, but nothing that a Day of Coordinator cannot help you with. Guests can easily be dropped off at one of their entry gates and enjoy a beautiful walk to wherever your ideal Ceremony location may be. 

Location: Brookline

Associated Costs: Permit, Chair Rentals (if needed)

Transportation: Free Parking Lot or Drop off points for buses

Bonus Selling Points: 

- Swans, SWANS! There are swans that live in the park. People pay extra for that and very few Wedding Venues include this natural option.

- Photos, photos, photos. The park covers 5+ acres and includes natural options for you and your partner to venture off with your photographer and photos of a lifetime. 

Things to Consider:

- It is a public park, so while getting a permit allows you to officially ask anyone to step away from you Wedding Ceremony, the park is still open to others for games, picnics, walks etc. While it is a large park and people are pretty spaced out, thinking about where in the park you decide and choosing somewhere further from the more public areas is recommended.


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