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Wedding Planning Tips | Wedding Math

Planning a Wedding is hard. So is math. We get so many questions related to wedding planning that involve number estimates and Wedding budgets. How many invitations to order, how many people will show up, how much should we spend on our Wedding? Just to name a few!

Our goals it make things as easy as possible for our brides, so are sharing some of our professional tips on how to tackle those Wedding number questions: 


Ordering invitations can be confusing. Trying to count how many you'll need when it breaks down to couples, family members can also be overwhelming to ensure you're being smart with your budget but still ordering enough. This equation takes into consideration there are a lot of couples, there are some singles, and some families. Also - you want to make sure you have extra for you to frame, photograph and keep for years to come! Here's a little equation that we recommend:

Individual Invitees / 2 + extra (see below)


  • (under 100) 15

  • (under 150) 20

  • (under 200) 25

  • (200+) 300


A lot of couples ask us how many people they should plan to actually come from their invite list. Now of course, this can vary from Wedding to Wedding, with a lot of different factors like location of the Wedding and location of where your guests live. Overall, we find the below drop-off is a good rule of thumb.

  • Local Wedding: 10-15%

  • Destination Wedding - 15-20% (of invitees that could feasibly make the trip)


When it comes to thinking about your Wedding floorplan, the first starting point is to find out what sized tables are at your disposal so you can best start to put together your assignments. Here's a quick cheat:

  • 60" Round - 8-10 Seated

  • 72" Round - 10-12 Seated

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