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5 Tips for Turning Your Home into an Event Venue

One of the most stressful parts of planning a celebration can be finding the right event venue. Something that matches your aesthetic, guest count, location and not to mention budget, all in one place can be challenging! On top of that - adding food options and working with the venue on what is allowed to be customized and brought in can be difficult - take it from a planner, lots of comparison charts can be needed to find the perfect match!

What a lot of people discount as the perfect event venue is their own home. If you're willing to put in the work and bring in some experts for a little extra help, it can be that perfect venue to end your search. There is nothing more personal than hosting your friends and family in your own home. It has an emotional connection that no other event venue can replicate. For dinner parties, birthdays, anniversaries, baby showers, and bridal showers -- hosting it a home definitely can feel extra special.

Here are some tips and tricks that we always share with our clients to help them turn their home into an event venue:

turning home into an event venue


What's the Focus?

Is it a dinner party? A cocktail reception? Are you playing games? Thinking about the focus of the event and how people will be interacting with each other will help you visualize the best location within your home. 

Rearrange It

You can always move things back! If you need some extra space in your living room for a long dining table, move out your couch! It's only a couple hours, so stashing it in that extra bedroom won't make a difference.

PRO TIP: The delivery folks from a party rental company could help you rearrange if you provide them with some extra tips :)

Rent It!

You can rent it without committing. So what if your dining room chairs don't match the all white theme you are going for, you can rent some chairs that will match perfectly. Same thing with dishware, glassware, linens etc. Once the rental company picks it all up, it's like nothing even happened!

Don't Try to Do it All

One of the biggest mistakes hosts can sometimes make is trying to do it all. Cooking the appetizers, entrees, baking dessert, mixing cocktails, replenishing plates, not to mention, engaging with all your guests!  Having a party planner that can help you organize all the details and be your point person on the day-of so you can focus on hosting your guests, is the biggest gift you can give yourself. They'll help you hire a caterer and hire a bartender also!

at home party planning

Personal Is Not a Bad Thing

Sometimes it may not feel as fancy if you have it in your home. But just because it's not hosted at an event venue or restaurant, doesn't mean it's any less fancy. You have the opportunity to make it even more high-touch as you can control so much more. The look, the feel, the music, the smells, the tastes - everything! 

Overall - we always support an event at home - just prepare yourself with these tips and it will be one of the best occasions you have ever hosted!

at home party planning


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