6 Steps to Plan a Bachelor Party - A Step by Step Guide

Updated: Sep 12, 2020

As the Best Man it is traditionally your responsibility to plan the groom’s Bachelor Party. If the thought of planning the Bachelor Party has you stressed out, relax we got you covered! Here is our Step by Step Guide to planning a fun and memorable Bachelor Party on any budget.

Step 1: Get the Groom's Input

The first thing you need to do before any party planning happens - is talk to the groom. Get a feel for what expectations he has for his bachelor party and plan accordingly.    

  • Does he want a weekend getaway or a one night bash?

  • What types of activities does he want?

  • Will women be invited to the party?

  • Guest list: who does he want to be there?

While you can keep the specifics a surprise for the groom, asking these questions can help you plan a bachelor party that is everything your buddy hoped for and ensure it's a celebration to remember. 

Step 2: Create the Guest List

After talking with the groom, your next step is going to be the guest list. Try not to go overboard as a large guest count can make planning more complicated - especially if there is travel involved. Be sure to invite the groom’s closest friends and check if he would like to include family members like the groom’s father or his future father in law. PRO TIP: If you want to include the groom’s father o