5 Tip for Building Your Own Wedding Venue

Updated: Sep 13, 2020

More and more, we meet couples looking to put together a "backyard" type of Wedding and create their own Wedding Venue. Whether it be in a rented barn, field, or their actual backyard, they often think this is the easiest way to achieve their rustic Wedding dreams while saving money! Choosing your own adventure and personalizing every single detail is in fact - an adventure! I hate to break it to you, but i'm here to report that it is never as easy or cheap as you think. Don't get me wrong! I fully support this trend and they actually have become my favorite Weddings to coordinate because the opportunities for personalization are endless! But with all those opportunities for details comes the task of how you actually can make them happen out of thin air. Before undertaking this massive Wedding project, let me share some tips with you that save you from day-of chaos and that it has all the comforts of an existing venue.

DISCLAIMER: These tips may come off negative and as though i'm trying to persuade you not to do this. That's not the case! I just want to be honest and frank with you so that your Wedding planning process is as enjoyable and seamless as possible.

Hire a Planner

I fully recommend that you hire a full-service planner to be by your side during the whole process, but if this isn't in your budget, a day-of coordinator atleast is necessary to make this all happen. A full-service planner can help you along the way to ensure that you've thought of every logistic. Trash, power, lighting? Maybe your tent company is installing lighting so your tent looks gorgeous, but have you thought of how people will be able to see getting back to their cars? A planner can remind of these things AND make them happen. If a day-of coordinator is more your speed, just think of this, when you're sitting in the chair getting your hair and makeup done for the most special day of your life - are you going to be able to answer vendor calls looking for directions or setup your escort cards? Perhaps you may be able to, but let me promise you, you don't want to and you shouldn't! It's YOUR day. 

Full Service Caterer