5 Reasons for a Destination Wedding

Updated: Sep 13, 2020

We are knee deep in engagement season! The holidays and New Year are a popular time for couples to decide to tie the knot. And after the excitement settles down, it's time to think about your vision for your Wedding (tips on your Vision Board here). We've previously given you tips on the first steps to take after you get engaged - but now that you've had some time let it settle in - you can think about what type of wedding you'd like!

Destination Weddings are one of our favorites to produce. They may seem overwhelming and more difficult to plan (and they can be), but there are lot of positives that make wedding guests say (every damn time!) - "that was the best wedding i've ever attended." So if you're on the verge of taking that leap or you're still thinking it through - here are some reasons why you won't regret it:

Everyone is on Vacation

We say the true definition of a destination Wedding is when EVERYONE is on vacation - including you. Pick a resort or town where there is a lot to do and your guests can explore and relax without you needing to constantly entertain them. They'll get a vacation out of it - and if they don't have a good time on vacation - well then there's something wrong with them. Let's face it - most people are a lot happier and stress-free on vacation, and isn't that what you want?

New Best Friends

This really should have been number one, but it was a close call. The purpose of a Wedding is to celebrate the couple and their families coming together to start this new journey. Your friends and family are going to be inter