5 Question to Ask a Wedding Planner

Updated: Sep 12, 2020

Hiring a Wedding Planner is no doubt a very personal experience. You are bringing in an outsider to be a part of planning one of the most intimate and personal moments of your life. When we start the consultation process with a potential client, it's very important for us to feel like we are the right match for them and vice versa. It's important that we feel we have the similar values, priorities and work styles. All of these make the process not only fun - but efficient and simple.  These are 5 questions that we are always sure to address with our prospective clients during the process, and we encourage you to ask them to any Wedding Planners you are speaking with as well. They will help you feel comfortable working with them long-term and will help ensure your personalities blend (not just design aesthetic).


How will we communicate?

As with any relationship - great communication is extremely important between you and your Wedding Planner. In order to make decisions, meet deadlines and be on the same page, you need to be able to communicate effectively and efficiently. Think about how you prefer to communicate. Are you on email all day and able to get back at any notice? Perhaps you have a job where email is tough and texting or phone calls are better. Think about what your lifestyle is and what method you prefer from your Planner.