5 Green Wedding Ideas

Updated: Sep 12, 2020

‚ÄčIn all the excitement and fun of planning your Wedding day, sometimes it can be easy to forget the impact your choices will have on the environment. There are so many ways to plan the perfect Wedding day to reflect you and your future spouse, while keeping Mother Nature in mind too! Here are some of our favorite eco-friendly Wedding ideas to help you have the green Wedding you are aiming for. You can still create the perfect Wedding day while keeping your impact on the environment to a minimum:

Provide Transportation for your Guests

Encouraging guests to carpool or providing transportation for your guests from the hotel to ceremony and reception is a great way to make your Wedding a little greener! For a budget friendly option, try renting a school bus from the town your Wedding is being held in to bring guests from the hotel to the Wedding. You can fit a lot of guests on them and will not need as many, adding to your green Wedding factor!

Use Electronic Invites

Rather than sending out hundreds of paper save the dates and Wedding invitations which will most likely end up in a landfill somewhere, why not send an electronic invitation? There are a bunch of sites that offer beautiful electronic invitations that you can personalize to reflect the theme and aesthetic of your Wedding. Another perk, electronic invites are usually more cost effective and will help keep not only the planet but your budget happy too!

Serve Local and Seasonal Foods