10 Things to Consider When Looking for a Wedding Venue

Updated: Sep 1, 2020

Deciding on a Wedding venue is a huge decision and there are tons of factors to take into consideration before signing the contract. While there are plenty more details to talk through with the venue before you sign on the dotted line, these are some insightful questions to help get you started and you may not think of unless you are in the Wedding biz. Of course you want to cover the basics (is the venue available on your preferred date, how many guests can the venue hold, pricing and payment information, cancellation policies etc.), but here are a few more things to consider from the pros when looking for a Wedding venue:


You will want to ask if the venue has any restrictions or rules about what décor you are allowed to bring in and what you can do with it inside the space. For example, some older or historic venues may not allow for candles or open flames or some

venues do not allow confetti or glitter to be used. If you have your heart set on a grand confetti exit at the end of the night, make sure the venue allows it first!

External Vendors

While many venues will allow you to bring in any vendors you wish, some venues have exclusive relationships with certain vendors. Make sure you ask your venue if bringing in outside vendors will be possible or if they can provide you a list of vendors for you to choose from. PRO TIP! Wedding venues are a great place to get recommendations for other vendors! They have seen many vendors come and go through their venue space and can help point you in the direction of a great vendor for your big day. Plus, having a vendor who has worked in your venue space can be great as they are already famili