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Services Spotlight: Event Venue Scouting

The Importance of the Right Event Venue

The success of every event starts with the venue.  The venue determines the atmosphere and sets the tone for the event.  Some events want energy and a location in the heart of the city, and others require serenity deep in the country.  No matter what type of setting you need, Kelly Elizabeth Events puts great care into finding the right location - whether party venue or Wedding venue, they all take time and close examination. 

Our Experience

Experience with local venues is important.  We know local venues, because we have hosted weddings and events all over Boston and New England.  Our relationship with different venues makes for a smooth process, and our knowledge of different spaces means we can find you just what you are looking for.

There are many different things to consider when choosing a venue.  An event venue needs to be convenient enough for your guests to arrive at easily.  Parking, traffic, noise levels, budget, space, and services can all come into play.  Some corporate events may need local foot traffic.  Wedding venues on the other hand often need to be near hotels where guests can stay for the duration of your Wedding weekend and easily commute after a night of celebrating! Some, more intimate events need privacy.  Other events need a highly specialized service, or at least the ability to accommodate one.  For instance, we have planned events with cigar rolling, an indoor display for a car, and even a rented yacht!

We can suggest different types of venues, or find a very specific type to fit your exacting needs.   At Kelly Elizabeth Events, we combine our unique experience and connections with local venues with a keen instinct for knowing exactly what a client is looking for - starting each search with a clean slate to adapt what works for our clients. 

Your Home as  a Venue

For many types of events, your own home or space is a wonderful place to host!  Many birthday parties, cocktail hours, and even corporate functions have been planned in one of our client's lovely homes.  Kelly loves taking a client's space and tailoring the decor for the perfect atmosphere!

Hosting an event in your home can provide a more intimate setting, save money, and provide ample flexibility for anything you might want.  Don't be afraid to bring in catering, bartending, lighting, tents, or any number of other services right into your home! 

Our Services

Whether you need full planning and coordination services, or you need us to provide some knowledge of local venues, or if you want us to scout locations in other markets, we are happy to assist to find you the perfect space!


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