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Common Questions We Get Asked as Wedding Planners

While Wedding Planning can certainly be a fun and exciting experience, many couples quickly realize that it can also be confusing and overwhelming – and because of that they often come to us with tons of questions! You aren’t expected to know the ins and outs of Wedding Planning and that’s exactly what we are here for. Whether you are just dipping your toes into the planning process or are quickly approaching your Wedding Day and finding yourself asking some of these same questions, keep reading for our answers to questions we get asked by couples most frequently!

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Wedding Websites – Do we really need one?

Our short answer here – yes, you probably do need one! While there are certainly instances where a Wedding Website may not be necessary, it really never hurts to have one. Wedding Websites are a great way to easily share all your Wedding Day information with your guests – everything from Travel and Hotel Room info, Gift Registries, Wedding Day Timing and Locations, Dress Code to RSVP Tracking. Having all this information in one central location for your guests can help to prevent you and your partner from being bombarded with logistical questions from your guests as you approach the Wedding Day.

Who do we need to tip?

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A tip for a job well done will always be greatly appreciated by your Vendor Team, especially if they went above and beyond to make your Wedding Day perfect! As a general rule, we recommend that each of your vendors should be considered for a tip, though the amount will vary from vendor to vendor. While tipping does need to be considered on a case-by-case basis, these are our general guidelines:

· Wedding Planner – Planners won’t expect a tip, but it is always a kind gesture if you

feel they did an exceptional job

· Hair and Makeup Artists – 15-20%

· Caterer – Typically a caterer’s tip will be included in their service fee, but if it is not

then we recommend 15-20% of the food bill before tax and admin fees

· Waitstaff (if separate from Catering team) – $50+ per person

· Bartenders (if separate from Catering team) – 15-20% of bar tab

· Photographer + Videographer - $100-$200 is a nice gesture

· Officiant – If your Officiant is affiliated with a house of Worship, you can give an

additional donation of $100-$300 to their institution, for a Civil Officiant, $50-$100

· Band or DJ - $25-$50 per musician/band member or $100-$200 for solo DJ

· Transportation – Usually gratuity is included in their fee, but if not 15-20% is


· Delivery Staff – For those who deliver floral arrangements, rentals, cake, etc. give

$5-$20 per person

Should we do a First Look?

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This is a question we get from almost every couple we work with, and the answer is personal to you and your partner and the day you envisioned for you both! A First Look is always great to help calm your nerves ahead of the ceremony and to help get lots of formal pictures taken ahead of time, so you can enjoy your Cocktail Hour. While we love a First Look, if it is more important to you that the first time you and your partner see each other on your Wedding Day is at the Ceremony, then skip it! Make the decision that feels right to you – there is no right or wrong answer on this one!

What is the difference between a Day of Coordinator and Venue Coordinator?

OK, so you have secured your Venue for your Wedding Day and that includes a Venue Coordinator – so do you need a Day of Coordinator too? This question comes up A LOT in Wedding Planning and we think it's helpful to understand the difference between a Venue Coordinator and Day of Coordinator, so you can make the decision that is best for you.

Venue Coordinators are valuable team members who will make sure the Venue is set and ready for your Wedding, help to keep the kitchen and catering team running on time and make sure everything at the venue is running smoothly on your day. Their main focus will be making sure everything related to the venue is executed as planned.

Day of Coordinators are more focused on you (rather than the venue) on the day of your Wedding. Have you wondered who will tell me where I need to go on the Wedding Day? Who will ensure the ceremony and formalities are happening on time? Who will tell me when it’s time to walk down the aisle? The answer is – your Day of Coordinator! They will be with you from start to finish and can help manage all aspects of the Wedding not related to the venue – managing your Timeline, coordinating all the vendors on your team, making sure Formalities are happening, wrangling friends and family members for photos, pretty much ensuring everything you had envisioned on your day is coming to life!

So while both a Venue Coordinator and Day of Coordinator may not be right for everyone, understanding the difference in role each plays on your Wedding Day can help you to determine who you need on your team!

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Do we have to….?

As Wedding Planners, it is always our goal to help create a Wedding Day that feels authentic to you and your partner, so when couples ask us if they HAVE to do something – our answer is pretty much always no, you don’t have to! When making decisions about your Wedding Day, you need to do what feels right for you and your partner, which may not be “traditional” – and that is ok! Your Wedding Day should reflect you and your partner and your love story, and if that’s means doing things a little differently than the normal, that is perfectly ok!

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