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Ask A Vendor - Amanda Macchia Photography

Ask anyone who works in the Wedding biz and they will tell you - Weddings are a team sport! It takes a lot of hard work and collaboration from all your vendors to pull off your dream Wedding Day. We have had the pleasure of working along side countless talented vendors and teams, who over the years have become friends (or friendors as we like to call them)!

Of course, finding the perfect team of vendors that can help bring your vision to life is an essential first step in the Wedding Planning process, but how exactly do you know if they are the right fit for you? Each vendor will have a different approach to your Wedding Day, so it is important to find someone who matches exactly what you are looking for and the best way to do this is to know what questions to ask! To help you out, we asked one of our best friendor photographers a few questions about her and her business to guide you through the types of questions you should be asking when meeting with potential Wedding Photographers.

Amanda Macchia from Amanda Macchia Photo is insanely talented, so down to earth and overall a lovely human! We have loved working with her and her team over the years and the photographs she produces are absolutely stunning. Keep on reading to learn more about her and her team, and their approach to Wedding Day Photography!

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What is your favorite part of the Wedding Day and why?

I truly love all parts of a wedding day, big and small. The getting ready period is like a warm up for me, and really sets the vibe for the rest of the day. I am always excited to start with a couple's details because it allows me to be creative right from the beginning of the day. I also love the ceremony. It's not so much the pictures that I cherish - they're always beautiful and are essential to a wedding gallery - but it's the fact that this moment is such a special one for everyone present. I sometimes have to pinch myself, I feel so lucky. The vows always get me! If I really had to pick my favorite part of the day, I wouldn't be able to. It would come down to a toss up between golden hour photos and that wild and crazy dance floor.

Golden hour photos usually happen when the couple is good and married - trains are bustled, drinks have been had, and guests have been (mostly) greeted. By now, we're old friends and are laughing like we've known each other for ages. And it shows in the photos! I love how relaxed and tender these images can be, and I also love how creative we can get with posing and lighting, especially with a good sunset! These always end up being some of my favorite images of the day.

And then who doesn't love a good dance floor?! Not every photographer likes this part of the day or thrives on a dance floor, but I love it! It reminds me of my roots as a concert photographer and allows me to flex my dance-walking skills to the max. I'm not afraid to get right in it in order to capture those epic dance floor photos. I love to play with light and motion to create some really special images that truly capture the energy of the night. A dance floor is a whole vibe - it is the literal coming together of two families and two friend groups in celebration of that couple, and everyone is there to have a good time! As a Newlywed, this would be my favorite part of the day, and as a vendor it's not much different. I love capturing people, young and old, cut a rug together. The people watching is top notch, the candids are hilarious, and the music is always great - especially if there's a live band!

Should we do a First Look?

This is a question almost every single one of my couples has. And while I have confessed my deep love for First Looks many times on my blog and on social media, let me tell you why I love them so much.

Some folks think that doing your first look down the aisle is the only way to have the WOW moment with your partner. You know the one? Where your person is so surprised and overwhelmed when you walk down the aisle that they bawl at the first sight! What most folks don't realize is that they can share an intimate First Look and still have that emotional aisle moment. Just because you've seen each other before the ceremony, doesn't mean that walking down the aisle won't feel like a big deal - because it is one! There is something so special about those first moments during a wedding ceremony, and you'll treasure them for a lifetime.

My favorite thing about doing a first look is that it allows you to get some of those pre-ceremony jitters out of your system. For most folks, the nerves kick in before they see their partner because they're SO used to being together for big moments, and all of a sudden they're getting ready for a huge day without their go-to person. Being all dressed up makes everything VERY real and most folks (even the ones who don't often get nervous) get a little bit of the jitters during this part of the day! So, what if the couple goes to a private place where they can share those first moments of their wedding day together? Not only would they get to see each other for the first time, they can embrace, kiss, cry, laugh, and just enjoy that moment. In between hugs and giggles the nerves start to diminish and are replaced with excitement and joy!

Another reason I like doing a first look is that it allows the couple to enjoy more of their wedding day. It actually frees up time in the schedule! After a first look, we take some romantic portraits. We've got plenty of time so there's no pressure or rushing around. After a bit, we begin wedding party portraits, and since we have time in the schedule we're able to make them an absolute blast! These are seriously SO MUCH fun and my favorite way to get a couple pumped for their wedding day. After the ceremony, we only have to take a few more family photos and then the couple can enjoy their cocktail hour. I love being able to do this for my couples since it's a nice alternative to greeting guests at tables.

How do I know you're the right photographer for me and my partner?

I always tell couples to look at three different areas when hiring a photographer - their editing style, their approach to photography, and their vibe.

It's so important to make sure that the photographer you choose is someone you're comfortable spending the majority of one of the most important days of your life with - that's the vibe I'm talking about! Not only do you want a vendor in line with your values (this is more important than you think), you want someone that can hang with you and your people! You'll know as soon as you have that first consult call or zoom session. When in doubt, social media is another fantastic way to clue yourself in on your potential photog's personality. This is where you'll see our most current work, some fun behind the scenes, and get a sense of what we're like in real life!

You'll also want to hire someone who has a lot of experience photographing the type of wedding you plan to host. Couples should take a look at their prospective photographer's portfolio to see examples of their work at similar weddings or venues, and can always ask for full galleries! You'll want to make sure your photographer captures beautifully composed, well lit images of your entire event. Full galleries are a great way to look at the photos from a wedding day that are less commonly posted online - like the details, family photos, and fun candids that make up so much of the day.

Couples should also pick a photographer that can deliver beautiful images that fit the vision they have for their wedding day. Consider your design aesthetic, color palette, lighting, and venue. Does the photographer you're considering have experience capturing events that are designed like yours? Does their editing style fall in line with how you envision your photos? Does it go with the vibe of your wedding?

Most photographers describe their editing style as either dark and moody, light and airy, or true to life. I like to describe my own editing style as more true to life, with a bit of moodiness and an unending love of color. When you chat with a prospective photographer, ask them about their approach to editing and take a look at their images to make sure you see consistency in their work.

This same conversation can be had for their approach to photographing your wedding day. Are you looking for a documentary style photographer, or someone who is super hands on and loves perfectly posed photos? Perhaps you're looking for someone with an editorial edge who's got all the trends on lock, or someone a bit more (or less) traditional? Just like with editing style, review your photographer's portfolio and ask them about their approach to capturing your wedding day. They should be able to tell you what style (or styles!) of photography they tend to favor and how they handle each part of your wedding day.

How would you describe your approach to Wedding Photography/ your Wedding Photography Style?

I tell all of my couples during their intake call that I specialize in telling love stories and capturing once in a lifetime moments in a way that is both artful and fully authentic. I like to create images that are joyful, bold, and creative, while evoking the real emotions of a wedding day. It's my promise to tell every couple's love story authentically, and beautifully.

My team is THE hype squad. We are extremely prepared for your day - we have a detailed schedule, curated photo list, and a clipboard and pen always with us. To me it is critical to create a supportive, relaxed and playful environment so our couples can focus on being themselves and enjoy this amazing event they've worked so hard to bring to life!

I am a lifestyle photographer, producing magazine worthy images that are as authentic as they are artistic, and my approach to photographing a wedding day is to utilize a mix of documentary style and a more hands-on approach.

During wedding prep and group photos I take the time to declutter the background, thoughtfully pose people, and guide my couples through the process so that we get some fantastic images in record time, all while having a blast! For other parts of the day, like your ceremony, cocktail hour, or reception, I like to blend in and become an active observer. It's so important to capture everything that's happening and not miss a beat - from the little things to the bigger picture! It's all a part of a couple's love story.

Finally, for couples photos I like to keep it playful and fun. I work with movement and focus on connection just as much as I pose for fun, creative portraits. The result is a beautiful mix of classic couples photos, joyous candids, and fine-art images that'll likely leave you saying "That's us?! That's us!!!"

What makes you different from other Wedding Photographers?

Yes, we're a blast to hang with and we have been told that we take some really incredible photos! We have a unique editing style and eye that is 100% us - no one can touch it. It is purely our aesthetic. I think when you see one of our photos, you know it's us. But there are a lot of photographers who can say that.

I think one of the biggest differences that I see is our commitment to being a thoughtfully run, socially-conscious business. I actively donate my photography services, as well as a portion of our annual revenue, to various organizations and individuals that support the causes we're committed to fighting for - including but not limited to LGBTQIA+ rights, racial equality, and the end to mass incarceration and police brutality (you can read more about that here).

We're a queer, gender non-confirming small business. As one, we strive to use our social media platforms to spread awareness and offer actionable ways for folks to make a difference for our community and the communities we support. I also regularly audit AMP to make sure we're hiring, working with, and recommending an inclusive list of partners and small businesses. I'm always thinking about what I might be missing, how our content could be more diverse or more inclusive, and as a result am always growing and learning. For me, that journey will never stop.


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