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7 Gifts for Newly Engaged Couples

Engagement season is upon us - and so is the season of giving! The holiday shopping is always stressful, but if you have someone on your list who is recently engaged, we've got some options for you that they'll love. Personal, thoughtful and congratulating them on their next adventure.


This one I personally received it is one of my favorite gifts ever! One of my most thoughtful friends found this artist on Etsy who paints a picture of their actual ring onto an ornament with their names and date. A truly one of a kind gift. See more about this gift.


The Wedding planning journey can be an adventure, but it shouldn't taint the joy of the engagement. It's an exciting time for a couple filled with lots of memories they'll only experience this one time while they are fiances. For a couple that likes to document their lives and put pen to paper, this is perfect. See more about this gift.


For couples who look like they will have a long engagement, a mini photoshoot with a local photographer is great way to capture this time of their lives. When else will they get professional photos taken when they aren't in formal attire? They're great memories to keep forever.


Everyone loves a candle. You just can't deny that. Many candle companies like Yankee Candle etc offer the opportunity to have a custom candle label created on their existing scents. Find something personal to them (do they live by the beach? are they getting married in the fall?) and add a great photo to it. Once the candle is done, they can freeze it and reuse the jar! See a candle option.


For the couple that is always on the go, new travel accessories like luggage tags and passport holders is such an appreciated gift. It can be a fun way for them to showcase their new titles (or new last names -- make sure they are planning to change their names first!). They come in all kinds of colors and materials that you can find something perfect for them. See some options.


Everyone loves a spa day. When Wedding planning gets stressful, a couples massage will always be appreciated. Find a spa near them and give them a gift certificate to use when they want to have a day date.


Who doesn't love to toast their engagement with a little bubbly? Personal Wine has some really great options to customize a bottle. Whether engraving the bottle, customizing the label, or adding a personalized box, it's something they can enjoy in multiple ways.

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