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7 Fall Wedding Design Ideas

Whether you want your Wedding to be all about Fall or just include some subtle accents to reflect the cozy season, here are some of our favorite ways to add a nod to autumn in your Wedding design.

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Incorporating dried florals into your design is great way to tie in the textures of the season. Feathers, whether dried or not, are also versatile decor pieces that tie wonderfully with dried florals and grasses. You can add them to stationary or directly into your floral centerpieces for an extra touch. Leaves also can be used to tie in the season. Remember jumping in the piles as a kid? How about having your guests toss them as walk down the aisle? That will create some perfect fall Wedding photos!


A color palette can be the most obviously tie to the season. Reds, tans, oranges, browns, and greens, will make your Wedding even more cozy. These colors should pop in your Wedding attire and in the decor. Inclusions can be from the linens on your tables, to the florals in your bouquet, or in table accents like the glassware or escort cards.


Food can transport us to a memory but it also can encapsulate a season! A big part of Fall is the many sweet treats to bake and eat. Choosing to have a cake and some additional dessert options could be a way to have some Fall treats. Or you could choose to go with no cake and have a melange of different desserts from different pies, apple cider donuts, to even a S’more making station.


Everyone loves a signature cocktail! Starting in late September and early October as it starts to get cooler, incorporate a warm beverage like a Hot Toddy or Mulled wine. It can help warm guests up a bit and enjoy something a little different than a typical cocktail. Other favorites include an Apple Cider Margarita or pumpkin flavored anything!


Another way to bring in more seasonal touches into your Wedding is by adding some fall into your escort cards. You always need some way to tell your guests where to sit, so use calligraphy white pumpkins, little maple syrup bottles, or leaves. They can add to the centerpieces or be individual favors. Either way they can be easily repurposed!


Soft seating brings all the cozy feels! Especially if you have an option to add a firepit, getting cozy by a fire is literally what Fall is all about! If fire is not an option, add some blankets and candlelight to an arrangement of lounge furniture to create a place where you guys will want to snuggle up and hangout.


Incorporating certain colors and textures into your bridal party attire can be a seamless way to tie in the ambiance to the fall season. Tactile fabrics like velvet and tweed but in warm, lush colors like shades of reds, oranges and yellows can brighten up your Wedding Party set the tone for you Wedding design.


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