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6 Necessities for an Outdoor Summer Wedding

Summer Weddings can be so much fun and with cooperating weather, allow for lots of unique and neat ideas to personalize your Wedding. Find ways to embrace the season and include it in your celebration and truly kick the party up a notch. Here are some unique tips + ideas if you're planning a summer Wedding.

Fun Escort Cards

Utilizing escort cards in different ways can be great for a summer Wedding. Fan escort cards, for example, are not only unique and add more texture to your decor palette, but they also are useful, especially if it reaches into the 80s or 90s! Not only beautiful - but functional!

Another example is to implement seasonal food or items. Give your guests some seasonal treats to take home like honey! Honey is usually collected in the summer, so it's a nice reminder to your guests of how special a season it is for you. Locally sourced items can make it even more memorable.

Comfortable Attire

Lighter and airier fabrics will help everyone stay cool. Have some areas with fans too to help reduce any overheating.

Fruit/Light Meals

Fruit is such a staple summer time snack. Provide some watermelon or berries during cocktail hour for a refreshing treat. Bite size snacks and light meals are also key things to think about during the warmer months.

Frozen Drinks

I mean who doesn’t love a frozen drink in the summer? Create a signature frozen cocktail as a refresher and allow that first taste to transport you to the tropics! Popsicles and other frozen treats added to your cocktails have also become super fun ways to keep guests cool through the bar.

String Lights

Especially for outdoor weddings, string lights can add to the mood as the sun starts to go down. Whether you drape them overhead or have them around the perimeter, they can make the moment even more magical.

Parasols and Shade

Parasols or a lounge with some shade can protect from the bright sun. Parasols also add a touch of sophisticated elegance to your day.


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