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6 Ways to Create an Epic Wedding Dance Floor

Wedding Reception
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We fully support all our clients and their dreams on their Wedding Day, but we can't deny that an epic dance floor is our love language. When we have a consultation with prospective clients, we always talk about what is most important to them. What gets their butterflies going when they think about their Wedding Day. Whenever we hear them say, an epic dance floor, we know we are a match made in heaven. Our specialty is putting together an amazing reception ending in sweaty, happy guests :) If you're planning your own Wedding, here are our top tips for ensuring your dance floor is one to remember.

Find an Entertainment Match

In order to have an epic dance floor, you need music! Both bands and DJs can give you an amazing dance set, but there are some differences between the two that are important to consider when making the decision. Do you want to hear a Beyonce song sung by Beyonce? That is the first question that will guide you in the right direction. Other factors like budget, venue size and etc also can be strong considerations.

Need help making the decision? Check out our Band vs. DJ guide to you to the best option for you.

Wedding Band
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Curate The Music Appropriately

Whether you book a DJ or Band, they are going to ask you for your music preferences. This can include specific genres, artists, time periods etc. Most importantly, you will be asked to put together your DO and DO NOT play lists. Thinking about songs that you know you absolutely need to hear is just as ones that will stand out to you in a negative way.

It's also important to think about who your guests are and what will keep them on the dance floor. For example, EDM may be your favorite music, but will guests be out there with you and enjoying it too? If you want a packed dance floor, you do need to appeal to the larger crowd as well.

Work It Into Your Timeline

A great way to ensure you have an uninterrupted dance party is to have a timeline that works in your favor. Discuss the formalities you want to include with your caterer and DJ/Band to find the best way to fit them into the schedule around dinner service. Toasts are always the biggest wild card that can cut into your time on the dance floor, so choose wisely how many you'll have (and who gives them!). If you keep it minimal, you'll get to the dance floor in no time!

Bring Out The Props

We have mixed feelings on props, but if done right, they can really get everyone out on the dance floor. Choices like these LED Glow Sticks or Ribbon Wands will give some additional courage to anyone with dance floor hesitation.

Wedding Reception
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When touring your venue, make sure you understand the lighting plan from dinner to dancing. Not all venues have the ability to dim their lights or change the scheme at all, so make sure there is some flexibility. Most people feel discouraged from dancing if the lights are still up. Your Band or DJ also may have some lighting options to kick up the party atmosphere after dinner. Uplighting and dance lighting can certainly change the tone. If they don't have those options, bring in a lighting vendor who can help you create the right vibe!

Designate Enough Space

Another thing to think about when touring your venue is how much space you'll have available for dancing. If you know the party is going to be the focus, you want to make sure there is enough space for all your guests to comfortably get on the dance floor. Our rule of thumb is

(YOUR GUEST COUNT / 2) x 4 = the square footage of your dance floor.

**When in doubt, always round up!

It's also not required to rent a dance floor if your venue has solid flooring - but if there is carpet or any other surface that may not be great for dancing, we recommend reconsidering.

Wedding Dance Floor
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