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6 Dinner Party Theme Ideas

We love hosting a party! We are firm believers that you don't need a reason to celebrate, but sometimes adding a theme can give you that excuse you may be looking for. Hosting parties is a great way to see friends and family, relax, and enjoy great food together. Picking a theme can be a great way to help you start planning, get your guests involved through dressing up and activities therefore creating memorable experiences to last a lifetime! Here are 6 different theme ideas to consider for your next get together:

Travel Back in Time

There are so many time periods that can inspire a great theme. Everyone loves the nostalgia of a recent decade like 80s or 90s -- or bring out your inner flapper with a 1920s theme. All of these have great direction for dress, decor, and activities! Have guests enjoy delicious prohibition inspired cocktails over playing cards after dinner like the Roaring 20s. Dress your dinner table with rich fabrics, metal china and loads of candles inspired by medieval times. There are so many details you can play with in any time period.

Hosting a Roaring 20's Party? Check-out our Shopping List for some of our favorite picks to get you started.

Andy Warhol

Love an out of the box idea? Try an Andy Warhol theme! You can incorporate bright colors and graphics in the room decor and attire. Create pieces of art using photos of your guests mimicking the Warhol infamous pieces. From the music to the food, there's lots to play with. Looking for an activity? Have your guests try their hands at art and get some paint in their hands after dinner.

Channel in the witty attitude of Andy Warhol with these snarky cocktail napkins:

Fine Dining

Sometimes, we all want to just feel a little fancy. Have your guests dress in their best formal attire, dress the tablescape to the nines, and enjoy a sophisticated evening. Let a private chef prepare a 5-star meal while you clink your glasses and enjoy fine dining right in your own home. Best part? You can kick off your heels right at home without the commute! Nothing says fine dining like a centerpieces of candlesticks. Check out some of our favorites!

Farm to Table

Host your party in your backyard and play into natural elements. Have your guests bring dishes they’ve made from local farms in your area, or have a farm to table caterer come to your party. String fairy lights and watch the sun go down as you enjoy delicious local eats!


What's the best part of a ski-trip? The apres-ski! The warm cocktails, good food and company after a long day on the mountain all chalk up to a great memory. If you have a fire pit in your backyard, grab some fur blankets, hot toddy's and s'mores and bundle up for a great party. The decor ideas are endless when it comes to this theme as well. Fur, rustic wood, animals - you can have a great time!

Destination Inspired

Pick a favorite place and bring it to your home! Whether it's somewhere you’ve visited that you love, or a place you hope to go, transport you and your guests there. Hawaii? Choose fresh, tropical inspired dishes, give your guests leis, and hand them a coconut cocktail to sip on and you’ve pretty much nailed it! Bring in a ukelele player to really seal the deal. Countries like Mexico, France, Japan and Germany also are great inspirations!


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