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5 Things to Be Sure To Plan for in your Day of Wedding Schedule

So much time and energy (and fun) goes into planning your Wedding! The flowers, the food, the music are all important pieces that take up your time and attention. Just as important but often overlooked until the last minute are your Day of Wedding Plans. Ensuring you have a location with enough time to get your hair and makeup done, what you're going to eat, where you need to pack up your belongings and who is taking them to the next place. Planning for a seamless start to your day will ease your stress and send you off nicely into the rest of your Wedding. These are all little details we work through with our couples, but in the chance you are working on your own, here are our top tips to ensure it's as smooth as possible!

Getting Ready Location

One thing we see often, is that people forget about those pesky check-in times at hotels. Just because you have a Suite booked for your Wedding night, does not always mean you get access to it before before the regular check-in time. To ensure it's available at the time you need to get ready in your Day-of Wedding schedule, reserve it the night before. If that is not an option, find someone else in your Wedding party who will have a room available first thing in the morning so you can kick-off your day in one place.

Toast with Wine and Beer

When nerves take over on the day-of, leaning on alcohol is very common. The champagne is flowing, groomsmen are pouring shots and toasting to your day, but please, oh please, limit the liquor. We try to enforce a no liquor policy before the ceremony (except one celebratory shot) for the Wedding parties we work with. Drink all the Beer and Wine you want, but liquor can start to flow a little too quickly, and while often combined with empty stomachs, does not end well. You will have the opportunity to drink as much as you want once that Ceremony is over, so let's just make sure everyone makes it there in one piece and stays on schedule.

Map Out a Route for your Belongings

The Wedding prep on the day of (hair, makeup and getting dressed) can be overwhelming. Your emotions are clouding your ability to focus on what you need and keeping yourself on schedule. Before the day of, take some time to think about what you will want at the Reception. We recommend keeping the list short - for example lipstick, a second pair of shoes and your phone. You're going to be so busy floating around the room and enjoying the night, so you don't need a bag filled with too many things. Part of this plan should also be who is going to be responsible for these items. This is a great task for a member of the Wedding Party or family who will be with you throughout the day of the Wedding.  **If you are not getting ready in someone's hotel room where you can leave all your getting ready items, a plan of where to pack up these items and drop off is also helpful (for example someone's car or hotel room.)

Plan Food Ahead of Time

Be sure to make a plan for what you are going to eat on the day-of the Wedding, especially in the morning and afternoon before the Ceremony. You may be nervous and think you won't want to eat, but it's important to have food available and that your Wedding Party also eats. It's a long day involving drinking, dancing and nerves, and doing all of that on an empty stomach is not good for anyone. The schedule gets busy and with hours of photos and getting ready before you get to the Reception, time can go past without realizing you haven't eaten anything. If you aren't staying somewhere with an option to order food, this is a great thing to delegate to someone in your party who wants to help! 

Give out Someone Else's Number

If you don't have a Day of Wedding Coordinator who can be your point of contact for any vendor questions, pick someone in your Wedding party who can be the their point of contact for questions. If you don't do that, please oh please, pass off your phone to someone else. Not only will you be preoccupied getting ready, taking photos, etc (your dress doesn't have pockets and you will not see your phone for hours), but you do not need to be thinking about these details and letting them distract you from what you should be focused on - taking in every moment of your Wedding Day! This is not the day to try to be a Superhero - it's your day to be a Prince/Princess!

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