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5 Quick Ways to Prevent Wedding Day Mishaps from Stealing the Show

Sometimes unexpected mishaps can come up on the day of your Wedding, but if you are prepared they can be fixed so quickly that most often they are forgotten about amongst all the dancing, smiles and celebrating! Usually couples and their planner have worked endlessly on making sure everything goes smoothly, but in reality, no Wedding is perfect. There will be things you can't control and that's okay! Number one thing is to stay calm and know everything will work out great at the end of the day. Here are our top 5 ways to prevent Wedding day mishaps from stealing the show.

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Stay Calm

Usually nerves and panic don't mix well. Staying collected and dealing with things efficiently will help to fix any issue that may come up on your big day. However, if you know you are someone who can easily get stressed and that it will cause you to not have a good time, consider having a coordinator or planner at your Wedding to make the behind the scene decisions. Usually they can solve issues without you ever even knowing!

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Have a Wedding Emergency Kit

Having a fully stocked Wedding Day Emergency Kit available can really save the day! This can help with clothing fixes, health fixes, and make you feel much more comfortable knowing that no matter what comes up, you are prepared. Say your dress tears, a quick sewing job can easily fix it! For more info on what to include in your Wedding Day Emergency Kit, check out our What to Pack For a Wedding Day Emergency Kit blog post here!

Communicate With Your Vendors

Communication is key! If there is an issue making you worried ahead of your Wedding Day, you should talk it out with your vendors. They are seasoned professionals and have probably dealt with the same issue in the past and can use their expertise to help you plan and problem solve ahead of the Wedding Day! Whether it has to do with your cake, your venue, or your makeup artist, they all want this day to be amazing for you and will go to great lengths to prepare and make sure everything goes off as seamlessly as possible. That being said, make sure you do your research before hand to put together a professional vendor team that you trust!

Laugh it Off

Usually any mishaps that come up are later turned into funny stories (trust us, we have a few!). Try focusing on what the day is about rather than worrying about the logistics or any bumps in the road on your Wedding Day. What may feel like a major mishap in the moment, will later be forgotten and replaced with all the happy and joyful memories from your Wedding. Letting the minor setbacks get to you and worrying will just add extra stress.

Be Up Front

If there are any circumstances you are aware of ahead of time, like special requests or sensitive family dynamics, make sure you let vendors and planner know before the big day. This will help them to prepare appropriately and prevent any unwanted situations from happening. Even if its more likely that things will be fine, being honest and up front with your team can help them to be prepared just incase!

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