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10 Special Things to do While Getting Ready with Your Bridesmaids

Let’s face it. The ladies Have to start their day MUCH earlier than the men. Hair and makeup takes up a lot of time and you often start your day at sunrise. The bonus is it offers lots of time for you to hang with your girl gang and make this time extra special. Here are some ways to add an extra special touch to this time.

Dress Reveal!

Spend a moment to reveal your dress! A first look with your bridesmaids is one of our favorite new traditions. Not only is this a special day for you and your partner, but it is also meaningful for you and your gang. This is the first time they will see you in your dress and will definitely lead to some happy tears!

Champagne to Go Around

Be sure to set aside time for a toast with your bridesmaids. This can be a really special moment and also a time to put your feet up and relax before the ceremony. However, make sure you don’t go overboard, there is still a long day ahead!

Pamper Yourself

If you find you have some time to spare, treat yourself! A spa service like massages or mani/pedis and help you fully relax and take away some of the pre ceremony butterflies. It's a great way to pamper yourself and spend quality time with your bridesmaids! NOTE: don't try any NEW spa treatments. The last thing you want is any allergic reactions on your day.

Dance It Out

Before your Wedding day, create a “get ready” playlist with songs you and your bridesmaids love. Play this as you get ready together and let the singing and dancing commence!

Matching Outfits

Before you all change into your formal attire, dress up in matching robes, pj’s, or whatever fits your style and comfort for some pictures and fun. It also gives off squad vibes!

Snack Smorgasbord

Have a platter of your favorite snacks to share together. The day is long and it can be easy to forget to have enough food and water, so this is a good time to fuel up. Some great snack ideas are green smoothies, veggies and dip, meats and cheeses, avocado toast, yogurt parfait, and fresh fruit.

Favorite Coffee Orders

If available, have someone do a coffee run and get all of your favorite go-to drinks for that extra perk up! Especially with everything there is to do to get ready, coffee from your favorite coffee shop can give you that extra charge you need and bring a sense of comfort to your routine. Not a coffee fan? Tea, matcha etc all are great too!

Illuminate All Sense

Add a diffuser or candle of your favorite scent in the room you get ready in. This could add a calming touch or remind you of a special time you had with your bridesmaids and allow you to relax more!

Personalized Gift

Personalize something that is meaningful to you for your bridesmaids. This is a special thank you gift and also allows them to take something home with them to remember the occasion. Some examples are champagne glasses with bridesmaid or their name on the glass, personalized dress hangars, or clothing with bridesmaid or their name stitched on it.

Personalized Notes

Writing personalized notes to each other about your favorite memories and how special they are to you is always a way to make the time more special. If you' want to involve everyone, have them each bring a favorite story about your friendship and you can share them allowed together. Not your style? Read it later on your own! Either way this is another special moment you could share while getting ready! Add a card box to help gather notes.

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