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What to Include in Wedding Welcome Bags

As full service Wedding Planners, we work with our clients to find the perfect collection of items to include in Wedding Welcome Bags for their guests. A thoughtfully curated welcome bag is a wonderful way to express your gratitude for your guests presence on your special day. These welcome bags not only make your guests feel cherished but also set the tone for the festivities ahead. It can be tough to figure out exactly what to put it in, so here are our professional wedding planning tips.


Wedding Welcome Bags


Everyone loves a little something to snack on after a long trip. Picking out your favorite salty snack is a great way to make it personal but also give your guests something to nosh on when they check-in or after the party. Great examples are pretzels, chips, popcorn, trail mix etc. Something local to the area is an extra way to personalize it!


In addition to something salty, something sweet is always appreciated! Pick out your favorite candy or something special to the area to share with your guests. For example, lobster lollipops for a Wedding in Maine!


In addition to something to nibble on, something to wash it down is also appreciated! Whether water, a favorite juice or local delight, its great to include. Definitely plan to be (2) per bag so that you have one for each person. Want to personalize it a little more? Order these custom water bottle labels!


Sometimes your snacks or beverage can double as something local, but especially if you are hosting a Wedding in a place most of your guests haven't been to before, including some information about the area can make guests excited to explore. Whether a map and list of your favorite places or local guide of nearby attractions - it can bring your guests a little more comfort on their travels.


Looking for a little something extra? Add a little something fun to your bags. Think about something your guests may want to use throughout the weekend. Custom sunglasses, hats, koozies etc. all make great gifts that will keep your guests celebration for years to come.

Wedding Koozies


With a Wedding, comes celebration! And with that, can come a hangover. A little hangover kit or emergency kit that has useful items like bandaids, aspirin, antacids and Liquid IV will be popular and very useful. There are plenty of ones that come pre assembled and then you can just drop them into your bag.


With guests coming out of town for the weekend, make sure they know what the schedule is! A printed itinerary can also help communicate transportation information. This will help guests plan their time and ensure they don't miss any important moments.


Of course you'll need something to put it all in! A disposable gift bag is totally functional, but it can be fun to do something a little outside of the box. A custom reusable tote bag that you like that your guests can reuse for years to come can work great! You can theme it to your Wedding. For example, go with more of a beach bag if it's on the beach or go with something more urban if it's in the city!

TIP: Be conscious of size! If you get something too big, you'll feel like you have to fill it.

Wedding Welcome Bag

Crafting the perfect wedding welcome bags involves a blend of thoughtfulness, creativity, and consideration for your guests' comfort and enjoyment. By including a mix of personalized items, practical essentials, and local touches, you'll create a memorable experience that reflects your love and appreciation for the people who are sharing in your special day. These welcome bags will not only make your guests feel valued but also set the stage for a joyous celebration that they'll cherish forever.


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