What to Include in your Wedding Bathroom Baskets

Updated: Sep 12, 2020

This may not be a glamorous topic, but Wedding Bathroom Baskets are a hot topic amongst a lot of our Brides. Especially those hosting a Wedding in a non-conventional venue (AKA - anything outside of a hotel) that may not have a concierge or easy access to last minute items. These pesky baskets are always on the bottom of the to-do list, but the top of the priority list from a guest experience. We often are putting these together for our clients, so we've compiled some tips for getting them together as painlessly (and budget-friendly) as possible. 

Strategy Tips:

  • DELEGATE! - If you have the opportunity to pass this duty off to Aunt Karen or Cousin Tracy - do it! It's an important piece, but you have way bigger pieces to worry about!

  • SET A BUDGET - It is very easy to go overboard on these baskets and spend way more money on little items that will just end up filling your bathroom drawers. 

  • RAID THE TRAVEL SECTION - Do not buy full size bottles or packages! The chance that more than 5 people will need tums is slim to none. 

  • REMINDER, THIS IS A JUST INCASE BASKET, NOT A SHOPPING SPREE FOR GUESTS - Okay - so the elephant in the room, there are going to be those guests who LOVE free stuff and will swipe things in the basket that they may be low on at home. Hey, maybe you are one of those people! Don't feel like you need one of each for every guest. 

  • SEPARATE THEM - There may be some larger more valuable items that you want to have with you when you're getting ready i.e. dress tape etc. A separate basket for the bridal suite or day-of kit is a great idea. Also a great job to delage to a bridesmaid!