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What to Include in your Wedding Bathroom Baskets

Wedding Bathroom Basket

This may not be a glamorous topic, but Wedding Bathroom Baskets are a hot topic amongst a lot of our Brides. Especially those hosting a Wedding in a non-conventional venue (AKA - anything outside of a hotel) that may not have a concierge or easy access to last minute items. These pesky baskets are always on the bottom of the to-do list, but the top of the priority list from a guest experience. We often are putting these together for our clients, so we've compiled some tips for getting them together as painlessly (and budget-friendly) as possible.

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Strategy Tips:

  • DELEGATE! - If you have the opportunity to pass this duty off to Aunt Karen or Cousin Tracy - do it! It's an important piece, but you have way bigger pieces to worry about!

  • SET A BUDGET - It is very easy to go overboard on these baskets and spend way more money on little items that will just end up filling your bathroom drawers. 

  • RAID THE TRAVEL SECTION - Do not buy full size bottles or packages! The chance that more than 5 people will need tums is slim to none. 

  • REMINDER, THIS IS A JUST INCASE BASKET, NOT A SHOPPING SPREE FOR GUESTS - Okay - so the elephant in the room, there are going to be those guests who LOVE free stuff and will swipe things in the basket that they may be low on at home. Hey, maybe you are one of those people! Don't feel like you need one of each for every guest. 

  • SEPARATE THEM - There may be some larger more valuable items that you want to have with you when you're getting ready i.e. dress tape etc. A separate basket for the bridal suite or day-of kit is a great idea. Also a great job to delegate to a bridesmaid! Add some signage for an extra special touch!

Must Haves:

  • MINTS - (We recommend mints over gum. No one wants photos of guests chewing gum or finding it on the expensive linens you just rented. Plus they are easy to get a lot of and individually wrapped!)

  • BAND AIDS - These are a must. Dancing and Wedding Shoes don't always go together. A couple travel packs should suffice

  • ADVIL - We recommend the individual travel packets. It's also more sanitary. 

  • TUMS - Just a small travel pack!

  • HAIR ELASTICS - A small pack - as people get sweaty on the dancefloor, they start to search these out.




  • SHOUT WIPES - They make individually wrapped ones - these are great!



Mixed Feelings Items:

  • LINT ROLLER - A small travel lint roller is an OK item, but the chances that someone is going to get covered in lint AT your Wedding is slim. This is something they should have done on their way out the door!

  • LIP PRODUCTS - People often like to include vaseline or lip balm. Personally, we don't feel like guests are going to use this. It's unsanitary after the first person uses it!

  • TISSUES - Evaluate your venue and if they are going to have a big tissue box next to your Welcome Basket. 

  • HAIR BRUSHES/COMBS - Personally, this is another one we see in a basket when we attend and think - who has used that? Small disposable combs are a much better alternative and can handle any whispys that someone where someone would need a comb/brush. 

  • TOOTHBRUSHES - Another one - who is is brushing their teeth at your Wedding? If you want to provide some oral care items, plackers or floss would work fine! 

  • DEODORANT/BODY SPRAYS - If you find some small ones in the travel section - then these can be great additions to keep everyone smelling fresh. No need to buy multiple large sizes. 

  • DOUBLE SIDED TAPE - Again, this is a pricey item, so I would keep this to something for your bridal party. 

Location Dependent

Depending on the location of your wedding, some of these additional items may be helpful:



  • HAND SANITIZER - (Outdoor Weddings, people may appreciate this in addition to washing their hands)

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