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R+Z Wedding at Peirce Farm at Witch Hill

We truly love offering a variety of services to our clients. This includes our Wedding Day-of Coordination packages when we can come in and help bring to life all the amazing planning done by our couples in the months ahead. Sometimes, this also includes setting up a lot of DIY touches that they have crafted with love to celebrate their day. 

If we gave out client awards, Roxanne surely would win for the most creative, thoughtful and honestly, successful! DIY bride. Not only was everything personal and perfectly executed - she was extremely organized and trusted us with taking her vision over the finish line! From individually chosen books for each guest, hand tied with a personal label - to planted succulents (planted by the bride and mothers herself!) with each guests table and table number - guests left not only feeling appreciated, but in awe of the creativity and attention to detail Roxanne put into her Wedding at Peirce Farm at Witch Hill. Enjoy these highlights and hope they get your juices flowing as much as ours!

P.S. the Bride hand stitched these table numbers herself! check out her Etsy page: Beantown Stitch


Venue: Peirce Farm at Witch Hill

Photographer: Graham with Once Like a Spark

Bouquet: MKedra Weddings

Caterer: Vesta Pizza and Cookie Monstah 

Hair/Makeup: Erick Vargas Beauty


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