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Wedding Shopping List | Our Favorite Amazon Emergency Kit Essentials

Wedding Emergency Kit

Choosing the most useful items for your Wedding emergency kit is essential to your comfort throughout the day. In this curated list, we've scoured through Amazon's vast selection to bring you the most useful options to have by your side on your Wedding. Most of these items are also great for other events as well. Join us as we explore these easy to order pieces and discover these essentials to help you ease some stress!

Wedding Emergency Kit

These little 4x6 inch muslin bags are perfect to incorporate into your emergency kit. Smaller items like bandaids, Advil, or wipes can be put in them for easy storage.

Its nice to have some Advil on hand incase you aren't feeling well. It will nip it in the bud so you can focus on your special day!

These bags and stickers are perfect for some of your favorite candy or snacks to add a personal touch to your emergency kit.

Its always good to have some band-aids on hand incase you or someone in your bridal party needs one!

A quick way to remedy any stains is key. Especially with everything going on and your focus on your special day it's important to have quick solutions.

Have some trail mix at the ready to help you stay energized throughout the day. With all the excitement it can be easy to forget that your body needs some fuel!

Feeling fresh is always a plus. Life savers are easy to pack and can make a ton of difference on your day. For sure a must have!

Always good to have just incase. Preparation is key!

Same with having snacks on hand, staying hydrated is equally important!


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