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Top 5 Destination Florida Wedding Venues

If you're looking to host a destination Wedding but nervous about bringing your guests somewhere international, Florida has many options that can offer sunshine, ocean views and even charming historical venues. It's easily accessible from just about anywhere in the country and feels approachable to just about everyone on your guest list.

Each of these locations throughout the sunshine state offers its own set draws with a wide range of venues to go along with it. Check out our thoughts below and connect with us when you're ready to plan!

Naples Destination Wedding Planner
Ritz Carlton Naples

Naples, FL

Naples has grown to be one of the hottest spots in Southwest Florida and offers a luxurious venue portfolio to go along with it. Just a quick 30-minute trip from Fort Myers International Airport (and only 90 minutes from Miami), it's downtown has the feels of Beverly Hills and it's beaches the serenity of the Bahamas. Beautiful sunsets paired with world-class dining options, what else could you want?

Suggested Venues:

Palm Beach, FL

For those looking for the ultimate 5-star experience, Palm Beach is the place. Bright blue water meets designer hotels and top notch service. If you have friends and family who enjoy the finer things in life, this is the place for you!

Suggested Venues

Florida Destination Wedding Planner
The Colony Palm Beach

Key Largo, FL

Want to bring your guests to the Caribbean but stay in US soil? Key Largo is the answer. A little over an hour from Miami International airport, it's a great destination for those that enjoy getting their toes in the sand and exploring the crystal clear. This locale offers the perfect mix of laid back resorts, beautiful beaches, and outdoor adventures. What's more unique than taking your friends and family on a tour of a coral reef?

Suggested Venues

Disney Destination Wedding Planner
Disney's Grand Floridian

Orlando, FL

I think everyone knows why Orlando is a great destination, but here's a reminder. There is literally something for everyone! Families with kids or adults only each each find their joy. Similarly, there is a Wedding venue for everyone. You can take advantage of the world-class entertainment venues and beautiful sprawling resorts to find what feels most authentic to you.

Suggested Venues

Ft. Lauderdale

Just up the coast from Miami, Ft. Lauderdale great if you wanted a lower key vibe with the trend factor of Miami. Modern and contemporary venues overlooking white sand beaches and crystal blue waters. The international airport is easily accessible from all over the country and there is plenty to do within the city no matter who comes.

Suggested Venues

Florida Destination Wedding Planner
Ritz Carlton Ft. Lauderdale

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