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3 Easy Halloween Decor Ideas for Entertaining

So it's clear we are in the business of entertaining and planning amazing celebrations. But sometimes when it comes to hosting our own parties with friends and family, we like to just go simple and keep the budget low. Not to mention, they are usually put together quickly because of our crazy schedules! 

For all you other "we meant well" hosts/hostesses, with little time and budget, here are some quick things you can do to turn your household items into custom Halloween decor (and back again). 

Quick Holiday Glassware

​Stores have rows and rows of custom Halloween glassware, but no one has storage for all that! Pumpkin decorating stickers make great additions to your existing wine glasses (and easily come off!)

Simple Themed Food Trays

Did you know picture frames make great platters? Take out the photo and insert any of your favorite Halloween filler. We went for spiders this time around, but cobwebs, worms, or even candy, all work!

Quick Centerpieces

​​This quick centerpiece is great for any table needing an face lift! Simply take a dish or vase you already have at home and throw in some eyeballs (and creepy crawlers if you feel enlightened)! A drop of red food coloring could also add some gore.


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