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6 Out of The Box Wedding Ceremony Locations

Wedding Ceremony Arch

If you're someone who likes to go the creative and unique route or wants a ceremony no one will forget, this list is for you! Often times couples think they have to follow set guidelines when it comes to their ceremony and reception - but this is your day and we're here to tell you that you can make this Wedding whatever you want it to be! Here are 6 different ceremony locations to kick it up a few notches!

Forest Wedding Ceremony

In The Middle of a Rainforest

If you love nature and want to be completely surrounded by it on your wedding day, then a rainforest Ceremony could be the thing for you! Having a Wedding Ceremony in the rainforest means the natural colors, textures and beauty of the rainforest will help to shape your wedding style and give you a direction to go with as you plan décor and details. Just keep in mind you may get a bit dirty as it is in the middle of nature and as the name rainforest hints at, it can be very wet!

On a Ski Slope

Getting married on a ski slope can make for such a unique and breathtaking ceremony for you ski bunnies out there! If you and your partner are ski obsessed or you are just being called to get married on the slopes, then this could be the perfect ceremony idea for you! A ski slope wedding ceremony can create some amazingly fun and unique memories, like skiing down a slope right after saying your “I do’s,” and allows for some of the best wedding photos ever! Just make sure you look into what venues are able to cater towards your needs and be prepared to iron out some more logistics than a typical Wedding Ceremony would require.

Destination Wedding Planner

On The Water

Whether on a sailboat, paddle board, or whatever floats your boat, a water Wedding could be a great option if you love water and want to say goodbye to tradition! This idea fully allows you to make your Wedding day completely unique! We love the idea of enjoying dinner under a stunning sunset with your toes in the water.

Mountaintop Wedding

On Top of a Mountain

A mountain Wedding can be breathtaking, and allows for some spectacular photos. When you climb a mountain, you usually feel on top of the world and that’s exactly how you should feel on your Wedding day! You will need to put together a vendor team who is just as adventurous as you are to pull this off, but trust us, we are out here!

Garden Wedding

In a Greenhouse

If you want a garden Wedding but has a twist and can be done at any time of the year, then this is for you! This is unique, absolutely beautiful, and will make your garden Wedding dreams come true! Gives you all the perks of being surrounded by nature, without some of the messier parts of being in nature.

Desert Wedding

In The Desert

Similar to the rainforest, but also quite opposite, is having your Wedding in the desert. It allows you to fully embrace your surroundings, result in stunning and unique photos, and help you decide on your Wedding style! Wedding photos will really pop with the desert background making you the focus!

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