What's a Wedding Audit?

Over the years, we have had the pleasure of working with clients with weddings of all shapes and sizes. No matter the format, number of guests, location, budget etc, something that's always helpful is what we call a Wedding Audit about 4-5 weeks out. With our Day of Coordination Plus clients, we meet with them at this time before their wedding and go through every detail of their plans. There are a few reasons this is important:

  • 4-5 weeks is the sweet spot for resolving any questions/concerns. Most problems can be resolved or additional vendors found.

  • You are not supposed to be an expert! Most likely, you have not planned a Wedding before. This evaluation will help do a check and balance of any traditions you may not have integrated but still want included.

  • Peace of mind: why leave everything to the last minute? Doing this check will give you your final to-do list and help you feel organized going into the final days before your Wedding

We love doing this with our clients and find its such a useful exercise for them to go through to think about what they actually still need to do or realize they are even more prepared than you thought! 

Key things we discuss with our couples:

  • Vendor Contracts: It's important to note when all your final payments are due and what information is due to them when in the final month before you wedding. If you don't already know any requirements they have for their setup on-site, reaching out to them to request these is also important.