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Wedding Shopping List | Our Favorite Amazon New England Theme Welcome Bags

Welcome Bag Essentials

A New England wedding promises a blend of natural beauty and timeless elegance. Elevate your guests' experience with thoughtfully curated welcome bags that capture the essence of this beloved region. In this list, we'll explore essential items and creative touches to include in your New England themed wedding welcome bags. All available on Amazon!

Welcome Bag Essentials


You will need to find a bag or box to hold the items in your welcome bag. This depends on what would look good with where your Wedding is, the theme or materials used in the design, and what items you include. Jute welcome bags (pictured above) are usually always a great option as they are sturdy and can be dressed up with ribbon! However a box may be more suitable for the items you decide to include. Adding some tissue paper also elevates either option!


Personalize each welcome bag with a customized itinerary outlining the wedding weekend festivities. Include details about rehearsal dinner plans, ceremony locations, and post-wedding brunches, along with transportation information and contact numbers for any assistance needed. Etsy has some great printed itinerary options.

Welcome Bag Essentials


Showcase the culinary delights of New England by including locally sourced snacks and treats. Think maple syrup from Vermont, potato chips from Cape Cod, or some fun treats like Dunkin' Donuts jelly beans, boston "baked beans" covered peanuts, or lobster lollipops. Adding in a local travel guide to help guests navigate the area with a curated map highlighting nearby attractions, scenic drives, and must-visit spots is also great to include. Some other options are a polar seltzer, a Red Sox cap, and Necco wafers.

Welcome Bag Essentials


Surprise your guests with useful keepsakes. Consider including items like sunglasses, fans, mini sewing kit, or a custom shawl from Etsy.

Welcome Bag Essentials


It's important to keep hydrated and to have snacks on hand. Providing some water and snacks such as trail mix, crisps or rice crispy treats are good options!


Anticipate your guests' needs by including practical items they may have forgotten to pack.

Essentials like bandaids, Advil, liquid IV, Pepto Bismol, Shout wipes, and mints for unexpected emergencies are a must.


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