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Tips + Tricks: Party Gifts in a Pinch!

One of the best parts of parties is coming up with something creative that guests can take home with them to continually remind them of the wonderful time they had at your celebration! We always strive for something unique and customized to our client's interests. 

One of the first lessons we learn in events is always have a plan b! You never know what can come up regarding weather, vendor deliveries, and especially shipments! Most recently, our customized gifts for one our latest parties mysteriously went missing through FedEx. As we opened investigations with FedEx and our supplier, the event drew closer and we knew we need something in our back pocket. 

Knowing how much our clients love to celebrate and in thinking what kind of personalized gifts we could put together in our shop, we thought, what's better than champagne?

A quick call to our local liquor store and a trip to Staples and voila! Customized mini-champagne bottles! Not only can our guests continue the celebration at home, but they're pretty damn cute!

Champagne Gifts

Thinking about recreating these at home? Here are some tips and tricks:

  • Soak the bottles in water with baking soda for about 20 minutes - the existing labels will come right off!

  • Wipe down the bottles completely after so that the new labels will stick right on.

  • Ensure you call the liquor store ahead so you don't go on a wild goose chase! They don't always stock the mini-bottles fully, so to get the number you need call ahead and inquire to how many cases they have.

If you want to make these and have some time to plan ahead - here are some perfect labels you can use. You can print right on them!

Not into the DIY? Call us! We'll bring you some champagne magic :)


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