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Best Bachelorette Party Tips

Naturally since we are in the business of Weddings, Bachelorette parties are a common topic sourcing lots of questions from our clients (and let's be honest, friends and family). They are one of our favorite celebrations and they are such a fun way to gather all your gal pals and spoil the bride to be. It’s easy to become overwhelmed with all the work that goes into the planning them, especially when the group count can get pretty high, but take a breath! Here are some of our tips for throwing an unforgettable bachelorette party or weekend:

Bachelorette Party

Talk to the Bride

When planning the Bachelorette party, remember it's all about your girl! While you may want to keep the specifics a surprise for the bride to be, it is important to talk to her and get an idea of what she is envisioning for her party before the party. Is she hoping for a wild weekend away in Vegas or a relaxing wine tasting followed by dinner at her favorite restaurant? This will not only ensure you plan something she will LOVE, but it's a great way to make her feel involved. Respect her wishes and aim to plain something within her vision and expectations.  PRO TIP: Have your Bride make a shared Pinterest board for her Bachelorette party! This is a great way for you to get a clear picture of what she wants and involve her in the fun party of planning - the ideas! 


Bachelorette party costs can add up quickly and it is a must to stay on top of your budget! After talking to the bride and getting a feel for what she wants, discuss your plan with the rest of the bridal party to find a budget everyone is comfortable with. By setting a budget before you start planning, you can make sure that all the plans you are making are not going to break the bank and within everyone's means. It is totally possible to throw an amazing party without spending too much! Once your budget is set and your planning is underway, collecting money and dividing costs can be a tricky task to tackle. We find the easiest way to accomplish this is to figure out all the anticipated costs for the weekend and have everyone pay ahead of time for the big group expenses. This allows you to have money to buy anything you need to ahead of time like tickets, hotel rooms, decorations etc.  PRO TIP: If you still have smaller expenses, i.e., Ubers, meals, drinks etc - we recommend the app Splitwise. It easily allows you to keep track of who pays for what throughout the weekend and who owes who - without you needing to do any of the math! At the end of the weekend it reconciles it all for you :)

Plan, Plan, Plan!

The more planning you do ahead of time, the less stress and worry you will feel when the party comes! Make an itinerary for your day/weekend with what you have planned. This is also super helpful to send out to the guests a week or two ahead of the party so they know what to expect for the celebration, can pack appropriately and estimate what they will be spending.

We recommend planning a few big group activities and always planning food! Finding a restaurant with availability for a large group last minute can be difficult, so to make sure you don’t end up with a group of hangry girls, research restaurants ahead of time and make a reservation for your group. PRO TIP: If any of the activities you have planned are weather permitting it is always a good idea to have a back-up plan…just in case! EXTRA PRO TIP: Make a shared playlist on Spotify that all the guests can add the bride’s favorite songs to. It will be the perfect soundtrack for the weekend!

Make it Personal!

It's always fun to make the bride to be feel extra special by getting some fun Bachelorette party décor! Pick a theme and spruce up your space with balloons and a fun garland. If you're having a night out, maybe deck out the car or party bus! If you're going away from a weekend - try to focus the décor in the shared areas of the house like the kitchen, living room or backyard. We also love making welcome bags or hangover kits to give the guests when they arrive. You can include anything from matching t-shirts or hats, mini bottles of champagne, sunglasses, water bottles, personalized tumblers, snacks, Tylenol…the options are endless! Etsy has an unlimited amount of ideas that let you personalize these items with the Brides name or the hashtag for the party. Here are some of our favorties:

If you'll be by the beach or pool: Custom Turkish Towels

For a fun nod to the Groom: Temporary Tattoos with his Face

To Capture the Memories: Disposable Camera

Because Sashes are Overdone: Blinged Out Hat

To Keep the Drinks Flowing: Custom Cups

PRO TIP: When it comes to NSFW décor - it's always best to respect the bride’s wishes. If she’s not into it, that’s ok! Remember this weekend is about celebrating her and you don’t want her to feel uncomfortable.


Stay Organized

Keeping track of all the details for the Bachelorette party plans can be tough, but an excel spreadsheet can help keep you organized. You can keep a running RSVP list, outline your budget, gather all your décor and favor ideas in one place, make lists of activities and supplies you will need and keep a running list of to-do’s before the party. Trust us, this will be a lifesaver and avoid having 30 different lists. If you make it in Google Sheets, it's also something you can easily share with the rest of the bridal party! Here's one of our favorite templates. PRO TIP: Print any confirmations, orders, etc that you may need for your plans ahead of time. This way you can avoid any issues bringing something up on your.         


Get Everyone Involved

This brings us to our next and last tip, planning a Bachelorette party can be a big task for one delegate! Ask the others in the bridal party to help with specific tasks to help make the planning a little easier. One person can be in charge of making the favors, one person can research restaurants, one person can plan a fun game to play with the bride etc. By leaning on the rest of the bridal party for a little help you can focus on the other big stuff! Also - everyone likes to be involved and contribute - you all have one thing in common after all, your love for the Bride!

Final Pro Tip - A Checklist to Get You Started!

Not sure where to start, we've got a guide with 10 tasks to help you get started and organized when planning a Bachelorette party!


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